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Ellen Fisher

United States

Grants Awarded

2017 | Dance | Sri Lanka

for a one-month grant to explore the Kataragama festival in Southeastern Sri Lanka

2005 | Dance | Sri Lanka

to travel to Sri Lanka in December 2005 with Meredith Monk to undertake research and documentation on ritual performance

2003 | Dance | Sri Lanka

to pursue research on the theory and practice of ritual dance performance in Sri Lanka



March 23, 2017

Ellen Fisher presents TIME DON’T STOP FOR NOBODY, a movement-based performance relating to the perception of age. A small ensemble of four performers, each 25-30 years apart, will collaborate during the creative process to highlight their shared experiences on the progression of growing up. Fisher’s observational work experience and honest answers from a requested questionnaire help guide the structure of this intimate performance.

Ellen Fisher received her first ACC Fellowship in 2003 for research on the theory and practice of ritual and dance performance in  Sri Lanka.

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