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Firoz Mahmud


Grants Awarded

2010 | Visual Art | United States

to carry out dissertation research, observe contemporary art activities, meet artists and curators, and participate in a residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in Brooklyn, New York

1974 | Museum Studies | United States

For participation in a project undertaken by Dacca Museum, Museum Training Project


Exhibition / United States

Summer Show 2015

June 25, 2015 - August 1, 2015

It is a group exhibition held at SKOTO GALLERY showing variety of works. 

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Grantee: Firoz Mahmud

Dhaka Art Summit 2016

February 5, 2016 - February 8, 2016

The exhibition speculates if a South Asian view can be articulated, assembling and repositioning works that speak to the themes and aesthetics of the genre. Astral journeys, cosmological quests, astronomical explorations, alien encounters, nihilistic visions, retro-futurist experiments and a need to reimagine the future will here be addressed by artists who have experienced the wonder, the hubris and excesses of the space age from a slightly different tilt on the universe. 

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Firoz Mahmud

January 26, 2017 - January 29, 2017

Firoz Mahmud will present his new film/video Blurred Reading, photographs, blood painting, mixed media works and drawing on paper. Firoz Mahmud is a Bangladeshi born artist who creates installation, video, photograph, sculptures, painting, urgent drawing (NinKi: UoPD) and mixed media. His process includes doodling on existing images, creating visual jokes on celebrity portraits, and play-drawing. His work often alludes to displaced habitats, ambiguous spatial relationships and dystopia. He examines the landmarks of his changing surroundings. His mixed media works and drawings produce look at the history of Bengal region.

Firoz undertook his ACC fellowship in the United States in 2011.

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