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Eiko & Koma Otake

United States

Grants Awarded

2003 | Dance | Cambodia

to pursue research on dance and related cultural activities in Cambodia and to offer workshops and performances in Phnom Penh under the auspices of the Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture


Performance / United States


July 12, 2016 - July 14, 2016

The artist states that he is not a visual artist by trade and that movement is his “true language.” He envisions a meditative and communal space to honor the connection between past and present and provide a home for lost spirits.

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Grantee: Eiko & Koma Otake

Special Event / United States


October 6, 2016 - March 12, 2017

A Body in Fukushima, (Eiko's collaborative work with historian and photographer William Johnston) will be on view at the Cathedral of Saint John Divine as a part of the Cathedral's larger art exhibition, The Christa Project. Eiko is named as an artist in residence for the year and co-curates her photo exhibition,  performances, and other activities, all of which explore the dignity and transcendence inherent in the ordinary and the disregarded.

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Grantee: Eiko & Koma Otake

Remembering Fukushima: Art and Conversations at the Cathedral

March 11, 2017

On March 11, 2017, Remembering Fukushima: Art and Conversation at the Cathedral will commemorate the sixth anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in Japan. Conceived by the Cathedral’s artist-in-residence, Eiko Otake, this four-hour program will bring together scholars, specialists, and artists of many disciplines to create an occasion that aspires to be both informative and affecting. Eiko invites you to join her at the Cathedral to explore the relationship of body, place, and history on March 11 from 1pm to 5pm.

Eiko Otaka received an ACC Fellowship in 2003 for research on dance in Cambodia.

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Flutes of Hope

March 3, 2017

Flutes of Hope, which debuted at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in 2012 and is led by ACC's former Director Ralph Samuelson, is an annual music program paying tribute to the resilience and compassion of the Japanese people following the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor calamity of March 2011. Now commemorating the sixth anniversary of this unprecedented triple disaster, Flutes of Hope reaches out to the spirits of those lost and honors the selfless dedication of those rebuilding their communities.

This year’s program is inspired by the themes of the Cathedral’s Dignity Initiative and The Christa Project and features poems written by earthquake survivors in Fukushima and neighboring regions.

Participating artists are ACC grantees Elizabeth Brown, shakuhachi and silver flute; Eiko Otake, recitation and dance; Karen Kandel, recitation; and performers Ralph Samuelson, shakuhachi; Steve Gorn, bansuri; Sylvain Leroux, fula flute.

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A Body in Places: Queens Edition

May 6, 2017

Topaz Art Center will host Eiko's workshop, exhibition opening, and her performance at its studio and gallery in Queens. The exhibition will feature photos by William Johnston of Eiko in Fukushima and at the Indian Point Nuclear Plant, a short drive from Manhattan, to draw the connection between a disaster far away and a potential disaster close to home.

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KOMA: The Ghost Festival

May 11, 2017 - May 13, 2017

Koma Otake, known as one half of the celebrated performance duo Eiko & Koma for the past 40 years,  will be using a mobile trailer, to create an interactive visual art installment, as well as a performance space. The design, paintings, and choreography, have all been created or set by Koma himself. Only through performance and the presence of his body in relation to the set does The Ghost Festival truly come to form. Koma envisions The Ghost Festival as a meditative and communal space to honor the connection between past and present, and provide a home for lost spirits.

The Ghost Festival was seen in progress during Danspace’s Platform 2016: A Body in Places, dedicated to the work of Eiko Otake.

Koma received an ACC fellowship in 2007 to pursue research on dance and related cultural activities in Cambodia and to offer workshops and performances in Phnom Penh.

At 7pm, prior to each performance, Koma will host free 5-minute public previews outside of Danspace Project. Open to all!

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Performance / United States

The Ghost Festival

August 9, 2017 - August 11, 2017

The Ghost Festival is the first multi-disciplinary solo project by Koma. Using a mobile trailer, he creates a gallery of works meant to be both an interactive visual art installment and performance space. Koma envisions a meditative and communal space to honor the connection between past and present, and provide a home for lost spirits. Truly a solo project, all aspects of the work including creation, preparation, and performance are entirely executed by the artist himself. Koma has brought The Ghost Festival to The Yard and American Dance Festival in 2016, and an iteration of this project was commissioned by Danspace Project for performance in May of 2017.

Koma’s appearances at the Pillow as Eiko & Koma date back to the early 1990s. Their work has been presented at prestigious venues including The Joyce Theatre, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and a month-long living exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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Grantee: Eiko & Koma Otake

Performance / United States

Eiko: A Body in a Museum

November 5, 2017 - November 19, 2017

A Body in a Museum is a new durational work by Eiko commissioned by The Met for its iconic spaces. Using her body, a projector, and her archive of images of the irradiated landscapes of Fukushima, Japan, over the course of 3 consecutive Sundays she will interrogate the physical and conceptual architecture of each of the 3 structures that make up the Metropolitan Museum. By staining the walls of each building with projections as well as her physical presence, Eiko will insist on the porousness of the institution, collapsing space and time to expand the boundaries of the place.

Eiko and Koma received an ACC fellowship in 2003 for travel to Cambodia to offer workshops and performances in Phnom Penh.


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Grantee: Eiko & Koma Otake

Exhibition / United States

A Colossal World

March 6, 2018 - April 14, 2018

“A Colossal World” investigates the reciprocal channels of influence established between multiple generations of Japanese artists and the city of New York. While these artists absorbed elements of New York’s culture into new artworks, they also impacted and enriched New York’s culture itself. This exhibition, though not claiming to be a historical or academic in-depth study, aims to help trace the evolution of this vibrant exchange from Japan’s post-World-War-II economic boom to the present, from mid-century avant-gardes to emerging contemporary artists pushing new boundaries.

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Grantees: Tom Haar, Eiko & Koma Otake, Emiko Kasahara, Momoyo Torimitsu, Oscar Satio Oiwa, Takashi Murakami, Ushio Shinohara, Yayoi Kusama, Yukinori Yanagi

Special Event / United States

Flowers Cracking Concrete: Eiko & Koma in Performance and Conversation with author Rosemary Candelario

May 11, 2018

After more than 40 years as an acclaimed duo whose innovative and influential modern and postmodern dance was central to the American avant-garde dance scene, Eiko Otake and Takashi (Koma) Otake are now exploring solo work.

Following solo performances by both Eiko and Koma, author Rosemary Candelario — whose book Flowers Cracking Concrete: Eiko & Koma’s Asian/American Choreographies is the first in-depth study of Eiko & Koma’s work — talks with them about their history, the recurring themes of their work and what it's like to perform as soloists for the first time.

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Grantee: Eiko & Koma Otake