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They come from all over Asia and the United States. They are today’s established masters in their fields and tomorrow’s rising stars. They are archeologists, architects, artisans, arts administrators, art critics, choreographers, composers, conceptual artists, conservators, craftspeople, dancers, film makers, installation artists, musicians, new media artists, painters, photographers, printmakers, sculptors, video artists, video conservators, and also artists and scholars whose work defies categorization. They are the carefully selected grantees of the Asian Cultural Council.

With the curatorial care and assistance of the ACC team, these artists work intensively, rise to new challenges, and discover the possibilities and implications of their work as experienced in entirely new and different settings. Each is defined by a singularly inspiring talent and vision, and each redefines the cultural landscape through meticulously crafted explorations and projects.

For 50 years, the ACC has nurtured over 6,000 artists. Here is a rich archive of their extraordinary work, which beautifully reflects our mission to provide meaningful cultural exchange and to create limitless, lifelong opportunities for artistic collaboration among our network of alumni grantees.

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