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Arts in Action • Japan

The Arts in Action grant program was created to assist arts communities in Asia and the United States to rebuild in the aftermath of disasters, with the specific goals of enabling artists to recover critical materials, participate in restoration and reconstruction efforts, and share the power the arts can play in emotional healing and physical rebuilding within affected communities. Arts in Action • Japan, launched in June 2011 with the generous support of Mikimoto, corresponds with ACC’s mission of supporting special projects with lasting and transformative effects on individuals and communities. The Japan program’s central impetus is to assist in rebuilding efforts throughout the Tohoku region following the natural disasters of March 2011 and their aftermaths.

Music from Japan received the first Arts in Action grant in 2012 for their festival in New York City, which was inspired by the village of Iitate, near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. ACC’s contribution to the event helped the artists with a performances at Merkin Concert Hall that included commissions by Japanese composers and poets and that effectively revived “awareness… evoking the suffering but hopeful spirit of Iitate in music,” as the New York Times reported.

In 2012, celebrated artist and former ACC grantee (2001) Oscar Oiwa generously donated his painting Sky River to ACC to be sold at auction to benefit Arts in Action • Japan. The painting provides a glimpse of downtown Tokyo, with its angularities, its juxtaposition of traditional and modern architecture, and its compact spaces. Mr. Oiwa grew up in Sao Paolo, Brazil and recalls as a child being baffled that people on the other side of the globe were standing “upside down.” Sky River captures Mr. Oiwa’s early memory through the painting’s unique feature: that it can be displayed both upside down and right-side up. 

For inquiries or to submit a bid, please contact Miho Walsh, Executive Director, at mwalsh@accny.org.