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Jui-Chung Yao


Grants Awarded

1997 | Visual Art | United States

to undertake a creative residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, California, and to observe contemporary art activities and meet with artists and curators in New York


Last Society Document

March 18, 2016 - June 5, 2016

Innovative artist Yao Jui-Chung, also a curator, art critic and art historian, experiments with a broad variety of mediums, including installation, performance, photography, video and painting, creating works that are both aethetically beautiful and conceptually challenging.

Often appropriating imagery from the canon of Chinese art history, Yao's works question and contest Taiwan's complex politcal and historical past.

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December 10, 2016 - January 7, 2017

VT非常廟2016年最後一檔展覽,推出台灣-墨西哥攝影藝術交流展,透過難得的機會,一窺墨西哥當代攝影藝術的發展。展覽邀請墨西哥當紅的三位攝影藝術家:Adam Wiseman、Juan Carlos Coppel與Raul Gasque參展。他們擁有豐富的創作及跨領域資歷,是ESPN、華爾街日報與時代雜誌愛用的攝影師,普立茲獎得主的學生,雙年展藝術家以及美媒VICE的特約撰稿人。

同時參展的還有三位台灣當代攝影界重量級的藝術家: 楊順發、沈昭良與姚瑞中。此次的陣容堪稱台灣、墨西哥攝影藝術的夢幻組合。此外,展覽更展出姚瑞中與Raul Gasque全新、首次曝光的新作! 



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療癒之泉—格蘭菲迪台灣 藝術家駐村計畫 12 週年

December 23, 2016 - February 12, 2017

2005年,陳慧嶠是台灣第一位受邀格蘭菲迪藝術駐村計劃 (Glenfiddich Artists in Residence) 的藝術家,在蘇格蘭達芙鎮 (Dufftown) 生活與創作,開啟了台灣藝術家與當地深厚的文化交流。從此,台灣的駐村藝術家透過伊通公園的推薦,每年夏天在達芙鎮駐地創作三個月,了解威士忌的傳統製程、當地環境、品牌歷史與價值,並吸取與轉化為藝術作品,每個人都以獨特的方式與策展人安迪‧費爾葛瑞福 (Andy Fairgrieve) 建立起一段特殊的情誼。在格蘭家族第五代傳人彼得‧高登 (Peter Gordon) 的支持下,由蘇格蘭格蘭菲迪酒廠、伊通公園、格蘭父子台灣分公司三方合作,不斷轉型、累積與推展下,台灣成為格蘭菲迪各國AiR計畫中,最完整亦最具代表性的國家。


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Eight Days a Week | Jui-Chung Yao Solo Exhibition

February 18, 2017 - March 26, 2017

Yao Jui-Chung turns daily experiences into the subject matter of his painting, where against the backdrop of idyllic landscape, the concurrence of his children's formative years and his andropause becomes an important chapter in their lives. Rather than a picture of family life, this body of work is more like the fantasia of a reclusive father, comprising one illusory image after another that may happen in the real world.

Eight Days a Week is inspired by the artist's life for the past eight years as a middle-aged man who`s been taking care of his daughters while making art at home, therefore losing touch with the friends.

Jui-Chung Yao undertook his ACC residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in California in 1998.

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Springs Eternal: Glenfiddich Artists in Residence - 12 Years from Taiwan

December 23, 2016 - February 12, 2017

This year marks the twelfth year Taiwan has participated in the Glenfiddich Artists in Residence program. 12 is also the number of years it takes for Jupiter, an astrological symbol for faith and wisdom, good fortune and growth, to complete one orbital cycle. Over the past 12 years the Glenfiddich artist’s village has been home to many Taiwanese artists. These creative talents are now brought together for the first time in an exhibition at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, titled Springs Eternal: Glenfiddich Artists in Residence - 12 Years from Taiwan.

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February 18, 2017 - March 26, 2017


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Memories Interwoven and Overlapped: Post-Martial Law Era Ink Painting in Taiwan

July 8, 2017 - October 8, 2017

“Memories Interwoven and Overlapped: Post-Martial Law Era Ink Painting in Taiwan” features works of diverse categories and media, including ink and wash painting, meticulous heavy color painting, gouache painting, installation, video, and animation; in terms of style and expression, all the works manifest artists’ realizations and sentiments of life, social and cultural concerns, dialectics on history and reality, and the depth and breadth of ink art exploration, exhibiting vibrant creative energy and dynamics. Through interpretation of and dialogues with exciting works of 24 artists from different generations, this exhibition aims to investigate the intertwined relation between Taiwanese ink painting and politics, and present artists’ diverse creative visions inspired by overlapped and interwoven historical memories, as well as the splendid and exciting new look of ink art constructed on such visions, concretely, and in details, presenting and explaining the course of development of Taiwanese ink painting from the lifting of martial law up to the present time.

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The New Vision of Printmaking

July 21, 2017 - September 24, 2017

This exhibition explores some of the current practices by artists working with printmaking who are approaching the form not specifically as printmakers but are in many cases using print as one of a number of forms of expression or in combination with other media. They represent new forms of engagement that is informed by current art practices and the impact of digital media, the relation to drawing and photo based media, as well as in some cases, durational, installation and performative practices. This is represented in the different cultural traditions in Taiwan, London and Madrid where most of the artists gravitate to or are based. It is possible to recognise some of the specific cultural conditions that inform the work from each country and the extent to which traditional forms of printmaking have been embraced or even rejected. The exhibition therefore highlights how these artists apply the concepts of print to their artistic expression. By presenting the prints created from different aspects and in different forms, the viewers will get a grasp of the new vision of printmaking which comes along with the departure from old traditions.

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