2019 Grantee: Latest News

Su Huangsheng's solo exhibition "The Plan of the Empty City" was opened, and in early September, he traveled to New York to receive the award-winning trip.

In 2019, ACC Taiwan Awards winner Su Huangsheng (Visual Arts) will travel to New York in early September for a four-month exchange program. 8/31 before departure is the opening of Su Huangsheng's 2019 solo exhibition "The Plan of the Empty City" at the Red Grain Gallery. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, National Taipei University of the Arts, he gradually draw from the past few years has been in the direction of the face, to show the new generation of ink painters exhibited appearance in the past has obvious distinction. Huang Sheng re-integrated and tried on the traditional oriental media, and incorporated more contemporary visual vocabulary and techniques to interpret the theme of his own culture and life. Su Huangsheng has participated in several joint exhibitions in Taipei and Beijing.
"Landscape 16" (above); "Idol 3" (left)

ACC Alumni's Exhibitions and Performances in September 2019 
(sorted by date) 

1. Tao Yalun, Wu Jizhen, "The Forbidden Zone of Light" German Weimar Art Festival 9/5-7 

The German Weimar Art Festival, in collaboration with the Idolon studio, focuses on Taiwanese installations and stage art, presenting the exhibition “The Forbidden Zone of Light”.
Tao Yalun (1998 recipient) After the exhibition of the virtual reality art “E-Werk Weimar NO.1” at the Athens Academy of Fine Arts in 8/31, he brought the work to Germany to participate in this joint exhibition. The viewer wears VR glasses, and the body slowly descends to the ground and enters a non-existent, huge energy field.
Another Wu Jiyu (2013 recipient) installation works "Dust" will debut in Europe. The work uses clever image effects to illuminate the dust with the light source of the projector lens, making the subtle objects that are not noticeable on weekdays obvious, allowing viewers to rediscover and pay attention to the external world around them through the video media .

2. Wu Shiwei's latest fantasy music comedy "Western Travel Notes - The Second Generation of the Devil" Wei Wuying  9/5-8

Director Wu Shiwei (rewarded in 2001) The latest fantasy music comedy "Western Travel Notes - The Second Generation of the Devil" will be performed in the Weiwu Camp in Kaohsiung in September! #世界首演# Only
buy tickets in Weiwu Camp : http://bit.ly/2I2YclR

3. Director Lee Ossen's latest work, "Thinking about it," Fengjia Art Museum 9/6-8

Director Lee Ossen (2018 recipient) Latest work - think about it "VX" - Tickets for the performance at the Yufengjia Art Museum are sold out! This show will be partly from the pictures taken by Director Leoson in New York, which is very exciting!

4. Chen Shuqiang was invited to exhibit at the Chiayi 2019 World Tea Party 9/7-9/16

Chen Shuqiang (2013 recipient) was invited to the 2019 World Tea Party Exhibition, 9/7 in the high-altitude tea capital Chiayi grand debut!

5. Qiu Xinyue, Qiu Xinyi, Liang Zhu Shuangsheng Concerto "Butterfly Love" Taichung National Opera 9/8

ACC Taipei's youngest recipient of the history of Qiu's sisters: Qiu Xinyue, Qiu Xinyi (2019 recipients; went to Japan to study the shamisen and Satsuma) 9/ 8th Taichung National Opera performed "Butterfly Love - Hearty. Heart The tickets for the Liangzhu Zhushuang Concerto are sold out!

Conductor / Guo Lianchang
Conductor: Lian-Chang Kuo
琵琶 / Qiu Xinyue, Qiu Xinyi 
Pipa: Shin-Yue Chiou, Shin-Yi Chiou
Performance / NTSO Taiwan Youth Symphony Orchestra

6. Zheng Yinzhen's "Double Resentment" Taipei Water Source Theater 9/13 -15

RUMOR or BEAUTY Zheng Yinzhen (2012 recipient) participated in the work of director Wang Molin's "Double Resentment".

The transfer of power, the switching of nationalities, the change of ideas, and the replacement of all are proclaiming the progress of the times? Zheng Yinzhen asked the story of Xie Xuehong and Zhang Yulan. Purchase link:  https:// reurl.cc/goEq4  


7. Yao Ruizhong was invited to participate in major exhibitions in Korea, Russia and Brazil in September.

The 6th South Korea Suwon International Photography Festival 9/16-22
"Perspective Mask: Sweet and Modern" Russian Krasnoyarsk Museum Center 9/18-11/18
The Fourteenth International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Curitiba, Brazil 2019/9/21-2020/2/23

8. Zhou Shuyi guest performance Li Haining works [Winter Tour. Spring Festival] Zhongshan Hall 9/18-19 

Zhou Shuyi (2008 recipient) Guest performance Taipei Hong Kong Zhou Li Haining works "Winter Tour." The Spring Festival. Li Haining, the Hong Kong-class choreographer, "Winter Tour, Spring Festival" kicked off the 40th anniversary of the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC). Purchase link: https://www.artsticket.com.tw/ CKSCC2005/Product/Product00/ ProductsDetailsPage.aspx? ProductId= rotyiUrPteRXx6uoabcdefb8ZIQ


9. Su Huiyu's "Tang Dynasty Man of the Tang Dynasty" was invited to exhibit at the Norwegian Film Festival 9/20-27 and the Australian Arts Festival 10/17-11/29 

Su Huiyu (2008 Winner) "Tang Dynasty Yan Li Nan (1985, Qiu Gangjian) " was invited to exhibit in Europe:
◆ The 42nd Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival - 9/20-27 
◆ 12th OZAsia Festival, Adelaide, Australia - 10/17-11/29

Past Exhibitions and Performances  
(sorted by date) 

1. Chen Jiakun was nominated for the 30th Golden Melody Award for Best Traditional Music Album Award

Chen Jiakun (2016 recipient) was shortlisted for the 30th Golden Melody Award [Best Traditional Music Album Award]! Jia Kun interprets the familiar erhu classics with an elegant and varied erhu sound line.

2. Yao Ruizhong and Su Huiyu's video work "The Journey of the Elysium" is participating in the Luxembourg Video Exhibition 6/26-8/26

Yao Ruizhong (1997 recipient), Su Huiyu (2008 recipient) "The Paradise of the World - Yao Ruizhong and Su Huiyu's Journey to the Journey" was invited to participate in the video exhibition of the Cassino Contemporary Art Center in Luxembourg. This exhibition is an exchange event between VT Artsalon (2019 award-winning group) and the Luxembourg Cassino Center for Contemporary Art.

3. Wu Jiyu was invited to the Sean Kelly Gallery Group Exhibition in Shangri-La, New York 6/28-8/02

One of the Yanlin Maps ” (above)
Wu Jiyu (2013 recipient) was invited to the “Sean Kelly” group exhibition “Nature Abstraction” in New York. This exhibition invites a number of international artists to exhibit contemporary works of art created using a variety of materials. Together with the exhibition of antique porcelain from the Chinese Tang and Song Dynasties, the Japanese Heian era, and the Muromachi era, I hope to present a dialogue between traditional aesthetics and contemporary practice, and to explore the time and space of art.

4. The head of Huang Wushan led the mountain and the Hakka Buddy Troupe sensationalized Argentina and alerted South America!


Argentine Overseas Chinese School Teachers Association (7/18) invited Huang Wushan (2005 recipient of the award), head of the Taiwanese Wanjia Hakka Puppet Troupe, and a group of 5 people at the Huaxing Chinese School in Argentina to perform the performance of the overseas Chinese costume drama "Heroes Save the American Drama" . The beauty of Taiwanese Hakkas. At the same time, the head of Huang Wushan and his daughter, Diane, performed on the same stage for the first time.


5. Xu Ruixian was invited to exhibit at the Bronx Museum of Art in New York and the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art.


Xu Ruixian (2006 recipient) was invited to the Bronx Museum of Art in New York to participate in the joint exhibition "Useless" (3/ 27-9 / 01). Participating in the style of fantasy, this exhibition focuses on complex power art installations and is the most appealing exhibition of the year. Xu Ruixian's creations are based on dynamics. The mechanical parts are operated through motors and gears to present a unique low-key and precise mechanical aesthetic. The work "Dream Box" is based on Taiwan's Wolf 125 locomotive. Solving the locomotive components and reassembling them on the three-dimensional square box formed by the four-sided wooden wall, expressing the artist's dreams and memories around the island, is also a tribute to the courage to challenge the unknown.

In addition, Xu Rui constitution in July this year invited to participate in the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art Group Exhibition "Young Contemporary ─ not the end of the past continuous" (7 / 20-10 / 13).

"Nine Dreams" (left)

6. Guo Yichen, He Mengjuan, and Hong Donglu were invited to exhibit at the Gome Pavilion 7/20-9/ 22 

Hong Donglu (2000 recipients; right), Guo Yichen 
(2012 recipients; above), He Mengjuan (2012, 2016 recipients; below) invited to the National Taiwan Museum of Art group exhibition "Image Anxiety".

7. Teacher Lin Huaimin, the important dance leader in Taiwan, held his last outdoor performance 7/27

Yun Huaimeng's artistic director Lin Huaimin (1978 and 2007 recipients) and eight Yunmen senior dancers held their last outdoor performance in Taipei Freedom Square, attracting 40,000 spectators. This spectacular picture is on the full version of the New York Times "Dance. "

8. ACC colleagues visited Zhu Wei Studio founder Xiao Lihong 7/30

Yuan Zhen and his colleague Charlotte from New York headquarters visited Zhuwei Studio (2015 award-winning group). Under the introduction of founder Xiao Lihong, I learned about the community building projects they have done and the environmental art works of artists from all over the world. In addition, they shared their experiences in managing cultural and artistic exchange platforms and their expectations for the future. I hope to do more for Taiwan, for art, and for our environment! Zhuwei studio's official website:  HTTP:. // bambooculture COM /

9. Hong Donglu, He Mengjuan, and Chen Qingyao were invited to exhibit in the Great Future Exhibition “Transformation of the Masses” 8/03-8/31

Hong Donglu (2000 recipients), He Mengjuan (2012 and 2016 recipients), Chen Qingyao (2008 recipients) were invited to participate in the exhibition of the future of Lin She Gallery. Hong Donglu's works (right); He Mengjuan's works (below)                

Chen Qingyao's work (left)

10. Coincidence & Palace Museum - August Summer Evening Show

With "Forbidden City Zoo" exhibition, National Palace Museum and specially Coincidentally ( 2006 alumni groups), to let "Forbidden City Zoo" inside the animals out of the showcase, with everyone going through a museum full of amazing journey.


11. "Bai Hui Qing Suo - Bottle Flower and Bonsai Painting Special Exhibition" Lin Lina Editor-in-Chief won the US 2019 Premier Print Awards 8/13

"Bai Hui Qing Su - Bottles and Bonsai Paintings Special Exhibition" curator Lin Lina editor (2017 recipients) won the US 2019 Premier Print Awards Award of Recognitions.

The "United States Printing Awards" sponsored by the PIA American Printing Industry Association is the most authoritative and influential quality evaluation of printing products in the global printing industry. It was founded in 1950 and its Benny Award was established in the United States. The highest honor in the printing industry's revolutionary inventor Benjamin Franklin (Benny) was named the "Oscar" in the printing industry. Red and blue is the only company in the domestic printing industry to receive the highest award in the event.


12. Zeng Yining's creation adds color to the 6th Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 8/15 

The 6th Taiwan International Queer Films opened by Zeng Yining (2008 recipient) is also too eye-catching!

13. Chen Wukang and Ye Minghua reproduce the classic dance "Non-jumping" 8/16-17

The performance was directed by Jie Hong, director of "Non Jumping." Bell personally appointed Chen Wukang ( 2013 recipient) and Ye Minghua ( 2016 recipient) to reproduce classic dances in Taiwan.

Because "Non-jumping", Jiehong. Bell began to travel from Europe to the United States, then to the world, and has been touring around the world. However, starting this year, Jie Hong. Because of the ecology, the Bell Dance Troupe will no longer fly on the plane. This performance in Taipei is also Jay. For the first time, Bell did not rework through the assistants, but handed it to the Taiwanese choreographers Chen Wukang and Ye Minghua, responsible for all rehearsals and performances.


14. Su Huiyu and Wang Junjie were invited to participate in the film of the two art galleries. Storm. Sex - Video Art Exhibition 8/17-9/21

Su Huiyu (2008 recipients) and Wang Junjie (1995 recipients) were invited to participate in the video art exhibition of "Shadow. Violence". The name of the exhibition is taken from the homonym of the "Detonation Letter" . This exhibition hopes to stimulate the transmission of images and sound signals to try to promote the potential or spiritual appearance of a person living in the body.

15. Director Wu Sujun's latest work "Original Sound Original Sound. Sound Sound Sea" 8/18


Director Wu Sujun (2010 recipients) and dancer Wu Jianwei (2019 recipients) performed the latest work "Original Sounds. Sounds of the Sea" is a dialogue between the aboriginal ancient tones and modern dance. Although it is a cross-domain cooperation with religious groups, they still echo each other.


16. Very Temple Art Exhibition "Drums of Asia: Taiwan, Thailand and Thailand" 3/ 24-10 / 12

Very Temple Art VT Artsalon (2019 Award-winning group) by curator and artist: Yao Ruizhong, Chen Wenzhao, Tu Weizheng, Chen Yihao, Hu Chaosheng , Wu Dakun, Su Huiyu, He Mengjuan, eight people, five of whom are ACC recipients, founded Taiwan The first complex business style art space, with the direction of cross-border performances, exhibitions and exchanges, is dedicated to promoting artistic practices different from the mainstream market. The application plan is "The hopping island project. The second stop of the Empire retrograde - Okinawa": humming love, resetting the geographical concept of the Cold War era - the island chain, and jointly advocate the art to redraw the politics of the Pacific islands Geographical point of view.