How to Apply

Organization Guidelines

The Asian Cultural Council's application system is currently closed. We accept proposals each fall, for grants to be made the following year. Exact dates for our next submission period will be posted on this page in 2017. To apply, you must be a registered nonprofit organization. Organizations without non-profit status must apply through a fiscal sponsor. Commercial and for-profit entities are not eligible to apply.

Since ACC's program resources are focused on fellowships to individuals, grants to organizations are usually modest in number and size and generally support the participation of artists, scholars, and specialists from the United States or Asia in activities administered by the applicant organization. The participant(s) for which an organization is requesting support must be travelling outside of their home country to take part in the project.

The majority of ACC's grants are awarded after our May board meeting. Since we are unable to provide support retroactively, the project for which your organization is seeking funding should begin no earlier than June 1st of the year after you apply.

Disciplines Funded
ACC supports projects in the following disciplines:

Archaeology Ethnomusicology
Architecture Film/Video/Photography
Art History Literature (for projects to
Arts Administration and from Japan only)
Arts Criticism Museum Studies
Conservation Music
Crafts Theater
Curation Visual Art

Eligible Countries
Project participants must originate from, and be travelling to, the following countries:

Afghanistan Indonesia Pakistan
Bangladesh Japan Philippines
Bhutan Korea Singapore
Brunei Laos Sri Lanka
Cambodia Macau SAR Taiwan
China Malaysia Thailand
East Timor Mongolia Vietnam
Hong Kong SAR Myanmar United States
India Nepal  

Projects NOT Funded by the Asian Cultural Council

  • projects not involving international travel
  • commercial and for-profit entities
  • capital campaigns
  • commercial and industrial design
  • production costs (including film, video, touring, etc.)
  • general operating and administrative costs
  • publications
  • undergraduate and secondary school study
  • youth training programs
  • artist fees

How to Submit an Application
Our application system is active each fall, and can be accessed from this page at that time. Once in the system, applicants will be asked to submit the following materials:

An Application Form providing your organization's contact details, a summary of the proposed project and the individual participant(s) for whom you are seeking support, and other related information.

Proof of your organization's 501(c)3 status (for U.S. organizations) or non-governmental status (for organizations outside of the U.S.)

Biographies or Resumes of the individual participant(s) for whom your organization is seeking support.

Work samples Samples of your organization's (or participants') past work, consisting of no more than 25 images, 15 minutes of sound/video, and/or 15 pages of text. (Optional but recommended)

A Budget summarizing all expenses associated with your organization's project, and how much you will be requesting specifically from ACC.

Additional Resources 
The following links may provide information in your native language:

* Applicants from Hong Kong SAR, China, and Macau SAR, please visit ACC China, Hong Kong, Macao's website.

* Applicants from Japan, please visit ACC Japan’s website.

* Applicants from Taiwan, please visit ACC Taiwan’s website.

* Applicants from the Philippines: if you have a question that has not been answered on this website, please email

* Applicants from the U.S. and countries in Asia not listed above: if you have a question that has not been answered on this website, please email