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Carmencita Bernardo


For the last 30 years, Chinggay’s arts and cultural outreach work has enabled her to travel extensively all over the Philippines and around the world managing major international cultural exchanges in Europe, USA, and Asia. She represented the Philippines in the 1988 ASEAN Workshop on Cultural Traditional Media held in Manila, the 1994 Training Course on the Promotion and Dissemination of Information in Southeast Asia held at the National University in Singapore and the 2003 ASEAN-COCI People to People Exchange Program held in Malaysia. She was among the first batch who completed the Managing the Arts Program of the Asian Institute of Management in October 2001. In 2003, she was awarded a three month Fellowship Grant by the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) of New York to observe arts administration practices and management of community based cultural organizations in the US. In December 2006, Chinggay was honored as one of the Outstanding Scholastican by the St. Scholastica’s College, Manila on the occasion of its centennial anniversary. And last July 25, 2015, Chinggay was awarded the Gawad Uhay ng Sining by the Barasoain Kalinangan Foundation Inc (BKFI) for her continuing and contributions to the development and promotions of arts and theater in the local and global communities.

Grants Awarded

2003 | Arts Administration | United States

to observe arts administration practices and the management of community-based cultural organizations in the United States