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Jose Jay B. Cruz


Jose Jay B. Cruz, one of the Philippines most inventive and exciting young choreographers in recent years, is a 1995 graduate of the University of the Philippines, where he began his career as a director and playwright. Shortly after graduating he joined the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) and started choreographing for this acclaimed ensemble in 1997. Mr. Cruz was subsequently invited to perform on tour in festivals in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Europe, and throughout the Philippines. In 2003 he founded the Dancing Wounded Contemporary Dance Commune, an inter-disciplinary collective that seeks to expand the possibilities of dance through collaboration with musicians, actors, poets, and visual artists. Dancing Wounded quickly gained recognition for consistently creative work, breaking new ground for performing artists in the Philippines. One of Mr. Cruz’s central themes is the conflict between globalization and local identity and how this impacts the individual. It is from this point of departure that proposed to undertake research and creative exploration in the United States with a grant from the ACC. By looking at the work of visual and performing artists in the Philippine diaspora, Mr. Cruz hoped to gain a new perspective on “otherness” that he feels will be particularly relevant to his future creative endeavors.

Grants Awarded

2010 | Dance | United States

to study dance and choreography, attend performances, and conduct research among Philippine-American artits in the United States

2008 | Dance | United States

to study dance and choreography and research Philippine-American artists in the United States