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Nestor Jardin


Distinguished arts advocate and educator Nestor O. Jardin has devoted his extensive career to championing the arts and artists of Southeast Asia and the Philippines and working to create an environment in which these can flourish. As President of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Commissioner of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, and Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Philippine High School for the Arts, Mr. Jardin established himself a cultural leader of rare energy, commitment, and vision, setting an extraordinary example both regionally and internationally. Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Jardin spearheaded the creation of the Philippine Cultural Educational Plan, a comprehensive national plan for arts and cultural education, working tirelessly to bring opportunities to artists in the Philippines and abroad. Born in Lucena City in 1952, Mr. Jardin began his involvement with the arts as a dancer with the University of the Philippines Filipiniana Dance Company and later as soloist with Ballet Philippines. When he left his dance career in 1981, Mr. Jardin studied arts management at the Asian Institute of Management. Mr. Jardin subsequently served as Artistic Director of Ballet Philippines, President of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Dance Foundation, and Vice President of the World Dance Alliance before becoming Vice President and Artistic Director of the CCP in 1996. A committed educator, he has inspired countless students in the Department of Arts and Communications at the University of the Philippines. Mr. Jardin is one of Southeast Asia’s most active and persuasive ambassadors for the arts, representing the Philippines at numerous international conferences and organizing many important cultural gatherings in the Philippines. Mr. Jardin has expanded his missionary role to neighboring Southeast Asian countries, ever passionate about the important role that the arts can play in economic development and to encourage opportunities for Asian artists to work, progress and prosper.

Grants Awarded

2007 | Arts, General | United States

JDR 3rd Award recipient for his significant contribution to the international understanding, practice, or study of the visual or performing arts of Asia

1983 | Dance | United States

to survey administrative procedures of dance companies in the United States and to participate in workshops and seminars in arts managements in spring 1984.