Our Program

What We Fund

Any individual or institution with an abiding passion and interest in cultural exchange between the United States and the countries of Asia, as well as among the countries in Asia can join the ranks of the Asian Cultural Council’s stellar alumni community by applying for financial and program support. Any individual or 501(c)3 institution with a commitment to excellence in the arts, both traditional and avant-garde and in any discipline whatever is invited to join the legacy of over 6,000 artists, scholars, arts specialists, and cultural leaders in over twenty different fields and in more than twenty-five countries in Asia funded by the ACC in its fifty-year history.

Each year the ACC funds about one hundred of today’s established masters in their fields and tomorrow’s rising stars in areas as diverse as archeology, architecture (design, theory, and history), art history, arts administration, arts criticism, choreography, composition, conceptual art, conservation, crafts, dance, design (noncommercial), film making, installation art, museology, music, new media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, theater, video art, video conservation, and work that defies categorization.