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ACC Philippines Foundation: Art Auction & Art Fair

March 3, 2018

ACCPF held their successful annual art auction at León Gallery and participated in Art Fair Philippines in March.

March began on a high note for the ACC Philippines Foundation—with both the Asian Cultural Council Art Auction and Art Fair Philippines held throughout that first weekend. The ACC Art Auction on March 3rd offered 150 lots at the León Gallery in Makati City. From finely-crafted antiques and classic pieces to modern and contemporary works, more than 70 artists were represented, including ACC alumni—National Artist José Joya, Ambie Abaño, Anton del Castillo, Sam Penaso, and Lyra Garcellano.

Commanding the biggest sale was lot 56—José Joya’s “Space Transfiguration” (1959). Other notable sales included Anita Magsaysay-Ho’s “Tahip” (1960), as well as National Artists Vicente Manansala’s “Tres Marias” (1972) and Ang Kiukok’s “Scream” (1984). To view these artworks and more from the 2018 auction, click here for the full catalogue. 

Top left: ACC Philippines' Eyna Villar & Program Director Teresa Rances, ACCPF Trustees Rajo Laurel, Josie Natori, and Malu Gamboa-Lindo; Top right: Trustees Ernest Escaler, Maribel Ongpin & daughter Lisa Periquet, and Jaime Ponce de León; Bottom: ACC Art Auction 

The success of this annual event benefitting the ACC Philippine Fellowship Program, was made possible through the support of Jaime Ponce de León and his gallery staff, ACC grantees, donors, partners, and friends.

ACC also partnered with León Gallery at the Art Fair Philippines 2018, presenting “110 Years of Filipino Artists Elsewhere.” Curated by Lisa Guerrero-Nakpil, the exhibit featured Filipino artists who have travelled abroad for their artistic pursuits. Text accompanying the artwork considered the influence of working within an international context: “Is the Filipino artist more himself at home or elsewhere? Does he need to go somewhere else to find himself? Is the experience of travel, study, and life abroad part of a necessary transformation?” 

Following their return from “elsewhere,” these artists, their influence, and their contributions left a significant mark on the history of Philippine art. One such artist was José Joya, National Artist and 1967 JDR 3rd Fund recipient, whose 1968 “Untitled” (diptych) was featured as the centerpiece of the exhibition.

Also on view were classic pieces by masters Miguel Zaragoza, Fabian de la Rosa, and Fernando Amorsolo, along with some of the finest works by Filipino icons Napoleon Abueva, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, Benedicto Cabrera, Ang Kiukok, Cesar Legaspi, Nena Saguil, Romeo Tabuena, Leo Valledor, and Macario Vitalis.

Top row: Aze Ong, Kat Palasi, Angel Velasco Shaw, Lyra Garcellano; Middle: Roberto Chabet, Winner Jumalon, Ambie Abaño, Anton del Castillo; Bottom: Nana Buxani, Wawi Navarroza, Gary Ross-Pastrana, and Riel Hilario

There was a strong showing, as well, of works by ACC grantees—including Winner Jumalon (2017), Aze Ong (2016), Riel Hilario (2012), Ambie Abaño (2011), Lyra Garcellano (2009, 2010), Wawi Navarroza (2008), Angel Velasco Shaw (multiple grants 1997-2008), Anton del Castillo (2006), Gary Ross-Pastrana (2004), Kat Palasi (1993, 2004), Nana Buxani (2003), and early JDR 3rd Awardee Roberto Chabet (1968).

Below: Ernest Escaler, Josie Natori, & Jaime Ponce de León at Art Fair Philippines, and poster for the Asian Cultural Council Art Auction



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