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Ami Yamasaki


Grants Awarded

2016 | Visual Art | United States

a six-month grant to conduct interviews with artists, curators, and local people in New York City, and to create an omnibus film acted out by the interviewees


Ami Yamasaki & Seungmin Cha

August 12, 2017

Voice and visual artist Ami Yamasaki from Japan and bamboo flute musician Seungmin from Korea are both currently in New York on their ACC fellowships. They will be collaborating in a performance at The Owl Music Parlor.

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Performance / United States


March 2, 2018

Computer music pioneer Carl Stone, composer/performer Ned Rothenberg, and Tokyo-based vocalist Ami Yamasaki -- all ACC alumni -- perform in an evening of overlapping improvisations. While Stone & Rothenberg have performed together previously in Japan over their 35 year-long friendship, this is their debut New York performance.

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Grantees: Ami Yamasaki, Carl Stone, Ned Rothenberg

Performance / United States

Ikue Mori, Ami Yamasaki, MV Carbon, Charmaine Lee, Julia Santoli, Vveiss, Will Shore

April 28, 2018

Ikue Mori and Ami Yamasaki will hold a duo performance, followed by performances by MV Carbon, Charmaine Lee, Julia Santoli, Vveiss, and Will Shore. 

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Grantee: Ami Yamasaki