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Janis Brenner

United States

Grants Awarded

2002 | Dance | Indonesia

For participation in a project undertaken by Indonesian Dance Festival

2001 | Dance | Indonesia

to participate in the JakArt 2001 Festival in Jakarta


Performance / United States

Inheritance: A Litany

October 4, 2018 - October 11, 2018

A journey into the myriad ways a daughter has "become" her late parents. She inherited "her father's nose, her mother's singing voice, her father's sarcasm, her mother's fragile bones"...but also a lifetime of their objects and even their thoughts, revealing a family's story. A poetic narrative, a dance, a play, an opera, a comic drama by internationally acclaimed artist Janis Brenner, winner of 2017 United Solo Award for Best Choreography.

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Grantee: Janis Brenner