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Hasegawa Yuko


Yuko Hasegawa is an internationally renowned art curator who has pushed the boundaries of contemporary curatorial practice in Japan over her 20-year career. Her adventurous and sensitive approaches to creating exhibitions have been recognized as milestones in contemporary art. Her own interests have centered on new modes of expression and approaches resulting from the intersections of different fields, such as art and design, art and architecture, and art and fashion.

Grants Awarded

2012 | Museum Studies | Asia General

ACC support allowed Ms. Hasegawa to take a two-week journey of research to investigate the contemporary music field in the Philippines, Vietnam, and India. In these countries she surveyed the way in which a deepening relationship between music/sound and the visual arts has been responsible for the emergence of new forms in recent years. This research was represented in Ms. Hasegawa's exhibition, Art & Music: A Search for a New Synesthesia.

2005 | Visual Art | Thailand

to participate in the international symposium, Public Art In(ter)vention, held in Chiangmai, Thailand, in February 2005

2001 | Museum Studies | Asia General

to survey contemporary art activities in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and China

1991 | Museum Studies | United States

to conduct research in the United States on contemporary American painting and sculpture


Exhibition / Russia

Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

September 19, 2017 - January 18, 2018

Clouds⇄Forests is a proposition at a time of crisis to instigate the establishment of new relationships in our world. This proposition will be proposed by the artists and creators called "Creative Tribes", who gather in different sites all over the world, do not feel restricted to the notion of nation state and also surmount the dichotomy between globalism and localism.

Clouds⇄Forests focuses on artists as a creative tribe transitioning, expanding and dissipating, from forest to cloud, rebuilding the subjectivity of spectators and showing that creativity is vital to the creation of new environmental spheres. Taking into account perceptions on the generation of new subjective environmental spheres, the curatorial criteria for this exhibition includes giving life to new technologies as well as exploring ways to obtain animistic artistic languages and connect cultural roots, and leveraging the rhizome-based organic system to traverse history, genres, and media.



ACC grantee Yuko Hasegawa is curating the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary, and ACC grantees Nadim Abbas from Hong Kong and Nindityo Adipurnomo from Indonesia are participating artists.

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Grantees: Abbas Nadim, Nindityo Adipurnomo, Hasegawa Yuko

Exhibition / France

Japanorama: A new vision on art since 1970

October 20, 2017 - March 5, 2018

Torn between a powerful cultural heritage and a national discourse on modernization, alternating between phases of openness and withdrawal, the cultural evolution of Japan in the early 1970s was marked by major social, political and natural events. Exhibition curator Yuko Hasegawa looks back on these turbulent decades during which Japan oscillated between globalisation and affirmation of its identity.

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Grantee: Hasegawa Yuko