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Jolene Chung Ling Mok

Hong Kong

Grants Awarded


Mono X: 10th Anniversary Cinema Arts Festival | NEVER-STILL

November 18, 2016

N E V E R - S T I L L is a meditative space-ship that navigates the virtual seas of moving images conceived by transnational Hong Kong artists, Jolene Mok and Carla Chan. Featuring a screening alongside live sound performances by GraceElaine Osborne, we embark on an immersive voyage through worlds marked by constant natural transformations - colossal clouds, unfolding cosmics, transitional living spaces and revisiting ghosts - a state of moving in-between natural, human and imaginary terrains that is perpetual and momentary at once.


In a new age of itinerant artists who live and work across shifting geographical/social landscapes, how does this ever-reaching and arriving become a part of their practice? How does moving, on screen, in sound or in life, propel this rhythmic cycle of emergence?

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