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Kimura Taiyo


Taiyo Kimura is a renowned conceptual artist with strong interests in the intervention of societal morals and the perception of audiences. He seeks to use his conceptual approaches to challenge the preconceived ideas of society and people. His work has been widely praised, and he is the recipient of numerous grants and awards.

Grants Awarded

2012 | Visual Art | United States

ACC supported Mr. Kimura in his research of contemporary art, which involved discussions with artists and curators to learn more about the context in which they work and their philosophies regarding lifelong practices. Additionally, Mr. Kimura created new work while participating in an artist residency program with NARS Foundation in Brooklyn, NY.


Exhibition / Japan

Very Addictive-Re extension of Aesthetics in Daily Life

April 10, 2016 - July 10, 2016

Animamix artworks created by artists from China Taiwan, Japan and South Korea will be displayed in the exhibition, which including comics, sculptures, installations and videos.
Hence, animamix goes beyond the limitation of races, religions, nations, gender and age, as contemporary artists starts to use cartoon figures and fictional scenes to express their feeling to the surroundings. Animation aesthetics become a bond between true life and dreamland, reality and imagination. At the same time, it also mention the aesthetics life in next century.

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Grantees: Suzuki Hiraku, Kimura Taiyo