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Akiko Kitamura


Grants Awarded

2015 | Dance | Cambodia, Myanmar, India

for a three-month grant to conduct research on traditional dance and martial arts in Cambodia, Myanmar, and India

2003 | Dance | United States

For participation in a project undertaken by American Dance Festival


ACC Talk #1: Akiko Kitamura - Journey to Dance "Cross Transit"

May 20, 2016

ACC Japan is pleased to announce the ACC Talk series, a platform for ACC grantees to present on the experiences gained during their ACC fellowship programs.

For the inaugural event at Morishita Studio on May 20th, choreographer and dancer Akiko Kitamura (ACC 2015) will speak about the ACC fellowship program she undertook in summer 2015, when she travelled to Cambodia, Myanmar, and Manipur to research the traditional music, dance, and martial arts of each country.

Following her talk, Ms. Kitamura will be joined by Shirotama Hitsujiya (ACC 2000) for a conversation about artist networks in Asia and the distinctive cultures of Asia. Ms. Hitsujiya is a playwright and designer, the artistic director of YUBIWA Hotel, and a co-founder of the Conference for Asian Women in Performing Arts.

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