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Leung Chin Fung Jeff

Hong Kong

Chin Fung Jeff Leung is Project Manager of the Hong Kong Arts Centre as well as an arts administrator, curator, and writer. He graduated with a B.A. in fine arts (2001) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and obtained a professional certificate in arts management (2003) from The Art School, The Hong Kong Arts Centre. In his work as a curator, his most recent project is the 1+1: A Cross-Strait-Four-Region Artistic Exchange Project (2011), which was a collaboration between the Hong Kong Arts Centre (Hong Kong), the He Xiangning Art Museum (Shenzhen), and the National Taipei University of Art (Taipei). He has also worked internationally, having participated in the Kwangju Biennale (Korea, 2002), the Hong Kong Pavilion for the 50th Venice Biennale (Italy, 2003), and the International Curators' Invitational (France, 2006), among other projects. His own artworks have been exhibited in a number of local and international art exhibitions including the O.C.E.M. (Hong Kong and Australia, 2003), the Fotanian Studio Open Programme (Hong Kong, 2004), and Handover/Talkover: Dialogues on Hong Kong Art 10 Years after 1997 (Hong Kong, 2007).

Grants Awarded

2012 | Museum Studies | United States

ACC provided a grant to support Mr. Leung in a five-month residency program at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York to refresh his direction and develop his work as an arts writer and curator. During his residency, Mr. Leung focused on writing an in-depth record of Hong Kong's art history over the past 30 to 50 years.


Exhibition / Hong Kong

Pseudo collection - what do artists collect

May 28, 2016 - July 22, 2016

Everyone has a habit of collecting, be it a fetish, a memory or other reasons. Collecting is not merely about storing things up for daily life use, but an act when individuals gather, conserve and categorize objects for a piece of memory or appreciation. Not limited to collectors who buy valuable art works, the common people is able to afford collections to various extents, from fast food restaurants’ memorabilia to limited editions toys and sports shoes. These collectibles are not priceless in monetary value but important in another sense. They crystallize the lifestyle and culture of some individuals and specific communities.
With popularization of art fairs and collecting culture in this day and age, shall we have more imaginations and boundary-pushing practices towards “collection”? Possibilities and imaginations to “collection” are demonstrated in this exhibition via the showcase of artists’ collections.

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Grantees: Leung Chin Fung Jeff, Lam Tung Pang