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Leung Warren Chi Wo

Hong Kong

Grants Awarded

1999 | Visual Art | United States

to support participation in the exhibition Something about City Sky at the Queens Museum of Art in February 2000

1997 | Visual Art | United States

to observe contemporary art activities and collaborate with artists in the United States


Exhibition / Hong Kong

Tracing Some Places

December 5, 2015 - January 9, 2016

Created by ACC Fellow Leung Chi Wo, Frater is the centrepiece of ‘Tracing some places’ - the inaugural exhibition of The Mills Gallery which showcases Leung’s versatile practice since 1996, including prints, photographs, videos and installations. The artist is known for his ability to work across mediums while referencing the rapid changes of Hong Kong. His new work stems from his own family history, pointing towards the trajectory of Hong Kong’s development and the crucial place occupied by the textiles industry in it.

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Grantee: Leung Warren Chi Wo

Exhibition / Hong Kong

From Longing to Belonging

November 3, 2016 - November 27, 2016

From Longing to Belonging is an on-going exchange project between Hong Kong and Gdańsk. The first part of the exhibition took place in ŁAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art in 2014. Due to their complex political histories, people in Hong Kong and Gdańsk have a mixed emotional feeling towards their country. We hope to explore the sense of belonging with its rich historical and political background, straddling along a national and emotional state of mind, while finding narrative through various artists' works. The exhibition provides an opportunity for us to understand the complicity of the state of mind through going into the artists’ stories, and be more aware of what's happening around us. 

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Grantees: Tang Kwok Hin, Leung Warren Chi Wo, Kwok Ying