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Obama Akihito


Mr. Obama is an accomplished composer and versatile musical performer who has played for diverse audiences throughout Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.  Mr. Obama has established himself as an innovative composer whose performance style exemplifies free and flexible improvisation. Mr. Obama immersed himself in the New York jazz scene and made important connections such as Bill Frisell.  He also performed throughout New York, including at Carnegie Hall.  Mr. Obama worked to maintain the essence of the shakuhachi sound while integrating it with modern musical techniques in creating his fifth album “Sui”, inspired by his time in New York City.

Grants Awarded

2011 | Music | United States

to conduct research on the intersection of traditional Japanese shakuhachi music and contemporary American jazz-inspired improvisation in New York City


Performance / Taiwan

Akihito Obama & Ying-Chen Lin | Joint Concert

August 14, 2016

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Grantee: Obama Akihito


March 9, 2018

This concert will have 2 ACC grantees collaborating: OBAMA Akihito will play the shakuhachi and HONJOH Hidejiro will play on the shamisen.

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Performance / France

La Folle Journee de Nantes

January 30, 2019 - February 3, 2019

La Folle Journée de Nantes leads classical music off the beaten path. Cosmopolitan, the event offers many concerts to the greatest number. International artists, young talents and amateurs meet there to offer a wide panorama of baroque, romantic, contemporary music related to a renewed theme every year. For its 25th edition, La Folle Journée 2019 will explore the theme of travel.

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Grantee: Obama Akihito