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Anne Percoco

United States

Grants Awarded

2008 | Visual Art | India

to research Hindu concepts of space in the age of globalization


Exhibition / United States

Chance Ecologies: The Wild Landscape of Hunter's Point South

December 17, 2015 - January 21, 2016

Chance Ecologies: The Wild Landscape of Hunter’s Point South displays the results of a daring summer-long experimental art project on a large plot of publicly owned land in Hunter’s Point, Long Island City, Queens. The accidental post-industrial landscape, predominantly disused for the last 35 years, harbored a rich unplanned ecology that participating artists explored through a series of secret temporary installations, performances, and research interventions. Located in the mouth of Newtown Creek, a federal Superfund site, and facing magnificent views of Midtown Manhattan across the East River, the site embodies the paradoxes of man-made ecological crisis and the continued drive towards the production of human habitats.

Exhibited in the form of photographs, videos, installations, documentation, elaborations of processes, speculative proposals, and an archive of plants and materials, Chance Ecologies is a platform for artists and thinkers to creatively explore the value of wild places in the city, uncovering and mapping their layered histories and the natural ecologies that have evolved in them.

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Grantee: Anne Percoco

Exhibition / United States

Living Together: Nurturing Nature in a Built Environment

March 21, 2016 - May 13, 2016

Living Together: Nurturing Nature in a Built Environment is an exhibition that addresses our complex, mediated, and often fraught relationship with the natural world. ACC Fellow Anne Percoco presents Next Epoch Seed Bank, a collaborative project with Ellie Irons about studying and preserving invasive plants focusing on weedy species most likely to survive and thrive in landscape dominated by genetically modified organisms.

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Grantee: Anne Percoco

Wilder LIC Group Exhibition

May 5, 2018 - May 17, 2018

This outdoor exhibition features thirteen artists -- 3 of the artists ACC grantees -- whose work seeks to make visible the wildness that lies just below the city’s concrete. 

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Interference Archive‎: Weed and Seed Walk

June 2, 2018

Join ACC grantees and artists Anne Percoco and Ellie Irons as they lead Interference Archive's Weed and Seed walk on Saturday, June 2nd for an afternoon weed walk through Gowanus. The neighborhood is the perfect place to explore plants growing on superfund sites and brown fields, out of the side of buildings or cracks in the sidewalk, or from other former or current sites of human infrastructure or activity. After exploring, everyone will head back to Interference Archive for a conversation about some of the material in their archival collection that helps to understand climate change and sustainability.

Interested in walking with? RSVP to so we can share details on our starting point for the walk.

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