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Ned Rothenberg

United States

Grants Awarded

1986 | Music | Japan

to observe traditional and contemporary music activities and to meet and collaborate with music specialists in Japan


Shakuhachi Summit

September 22, 2017

An evening of shakuhachi music with Riley Lee, Ralph Samuelson and Ned Rothenberg: including Rothenberg's compositions Arbor Vitae for shakuhachi and clarinet, Stand in Turn, for 1.8,2.4 and 2.7 shakuhachi trio, Cloud Hands, for 2.4 duo and Nagori for 2.4. Riley Lee, visiting master from Australia will also play the Honkyoku Sanya on 3.6, Ralph Samuelson will play a piece from Teiji Ito's Water Mill and Ned will play a new solo piece.

Ned Rothenberg received an ACC Fellowship i 1986 for travel to Japan.

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March 2, 2018

Computer music pioneer Carl Stone, composer/performer Ned Rothenberg, and Tokyo-based vocalist Ami Yamasaki -- all ACC alumni -- perform in an evening of overlapping improvisations. While Stone & Rothenberg have performed together previously in Japan over their 35 year-long friendship, this is their debut New York performance.

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Streams of Wind: Piri

April 26, 2018

This unique concert presents Korean traditional music by artist, and ACC alumni, gamin, performed alongside active New York-based American wind and percussion instrument players Ned Rothenberg -- also an ACC alumnus -- Jeff Fairbanks, and Satoshi Takeishi. Artists play Korean traditional instruments such as piri, the Korean bamboo-oboe as well as saxophone, clarinet, trombone, and shakuhachi, the Japanese flute. This performance encourages the audience to learn about the Korean wind instrument piri and pungnyu, an artistic form of recreation, intrinsic to a tasteful lifestyle and relevant to Koreans’ collective and individual entertainment culture.

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