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Shinohara Ushio


Grants Awarded

1969 | Visual Art | United States

to pursue art activities and to observe contemporary art developments in the United States.


Exhibition / England

The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop

September 17, 2015 - January 24, 2016

This explosive exhibition connects the dots between art produced around the world during the 1960s and 1970s, showing how different cultures and countries responded to the movement. The exhibition reveals how pop was never just a celebration of western consumer culture, but was often a subversive international language of protest – a language that is more relevant today than ever.

Politics, the body, domestic revolution, consumption, public protest, and folk – all are explored and laid bare in eye-popping Technicolor and across many media, from canvas to car bonnets and pinball machines.

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Grantees: Yokoo Tadanori, Shinohara Ushio

Exhibition / United States

Wrestling the Demon: Noriko and Ushio Shinohara

October 11, 2017

From Noriko’s famed Cutie paintings and prints to Ushio’s notorious boxing painting, this exhibition considers decades spent by the artist duo in wrestling with the demon of art, and quite often, wrestling with themselves.”Wrestling the Demon” approaches the concept of project as not a single art object, but as an evolution of series over several decades. For Noriko, this project can be seen as her self-actualization as an artist through the paintings and prints of her Cutie series. As Cutie develops over the years, Noriko exorcises her regrets, hones her artistic awareness, and finds empowerment. For Ushio, the boxing paintings weave a steady thread through his long career. From enfant terrible of the Japanese art scene, to Brooklyn-based artist, Ushio continues to develop his action paintings and prints with unrelenting vigor and varied perspective.

Ushio Shinohara received a twelve-month fellowship in 1969 for research on contemporary art in New York. Mr. Shinohara paraticipated in ACC's 2016 auction by creating an original work of art by punching 16 feet of Japanese washi paper with sponges dipped in sumi  ink.

This exhibition is part of Asia Contemporary Art Week, October 5-26 in New York City.

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Grantee: Shinohara Ushio

Exhibition / United States

A Colossal World

March 6, 2018 - April 14, 2018

“A Colossal World” investigates the reciprocal channels of influence established between multiple generations of Japanese artists and the city of New York. While these artists absorbed elements of New York’s culture into new artworks, they also impacted and enriched New York’s culture itself. This exhibition, though not claiming to be a historical or academic in-depth study, aims to help trace the evolution of this vibrant exchange from Japan’s post-World-War-II economic boom to the present, from mid-century avant-gardes to emerging contemporary artists pushing new boundaries.

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Grantees: Tom Haar, Eiko & Koma Otake, Kasahara Emiko, Torimitsu Momoyo, Oiwa Oscar Satio, Murakami Takashi, Shinohara Ushio, Kusama Yayoi, Yanagi Yukinori