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Wang Shin-Shin


Ms. Wang is an established Nanguan singer and pipa player, and the director of Hsin Hsin Nanguan Ensemble. She has had a long and respected career as a performer of and advocate for Nanguan in Taiwan. Nanguan, a refined and elegant theatrical tradition combining music, dance, and drama, is indigenous to southeastern China and popular in Taiwan. In the hopes of discovering new elements that could be brought to Nanguan and facilitating exchanges with other Asian musical arts, Ms. Wang explored Satsuma biwa techniques throughout Japan. Dating back to the 16th Century, the Satsuma biwa is a Japanese short-necked lute, often used to accompany narrative songs.

Grants Awarded

2011 | Music | Japan

to study Satsuma biwa and to stay in ACC's Morishita studio in Tokyo, Japan.


Performance / Taiwan

Temporality and Nirvana

May 15, 2016 - May 16, 2016

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Grantee: Wang Shin-Shin