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Yamamoto Takayuki


Grants Awarded

2013 | Film, Video, & Photography | United States

ACC provided support for Takayuki Yamamoto to research contemporary art, meet artists and curators, as well as participate in an artist residency program in the United States.


Exhibition / Korea

Lesson Zero

March 31, 2017 - June 18, 2017

The exhibition Lesson Zero aims to elicit collective contemplation of key issues of contemporary life. The works on display pose questions about teaching and learning, and the customs and circumstances of education. They explore the fundamental premises of these acts along with the resulting cultural implications, provoking thought on how the working principles of these methods are manifested in society. Through artistic observation and ideation, the works of local and international artists question the idea of education, which shapes an individual, and at the same time remind the viewer of the individuals who resist group norms of socialization in classroom and school settings.

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Grantees: Okada Hiroko, Yamamoto Takayuki