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Yang Yuntao

Hong Kong

Yuntao Yang is the Assistant Artistic Director of the Hong Kong Dance Company.  Mr. Yang was trained in dance at the Central University of Ethnic Minorities in Beijing. After graduation in 1992, he performed as a soloist with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, the Beijing Modern Dance Company, the Hong Kong Dance Company, and the City Contemporary Dance Company. He began working as a choreographer in 2000 and has created an impressive repertoire of works that have been performed in Hong Kong and China. At a critical moment in his creative development, Mr. Yang was invited by celebrated choreographer and 1995 ACC grantee Shen Wei to be in residence with his company, Shen Wei Dance Art. Mr. Yang’s fellowship experience is particularly special because the company was serving as resident company of the Park Avenue Armory, and thus provided him with exposure to one of the most innovative producers of multi-media art in the United States.

Grants Awarded

2011 | Dance | United States

to take part in a residency program at Shen Wei Dance Art beginning in October 2011


Kaleidoscope of Dance from Yunnan

February 10, 2017 - February 12, 2017

The province of Yunnan is home to more than 20 ethnic groups whose exquisites’ songs echo in snowy mountains and serene lakes. Meet the Yi women who take the traditional “treading buckwheat” steps while working in the fields, weaving poetry into their everyday life; the Lisu people who express their love for nature through dancing; Wa maidens perform the “Hair Dance” under the moonlight, celebrating 3,000 years of civilization; and the Dai men who strike the elephant foot drums to celebrate the harvest festival, amid an exciting lineup. Their dances reflect the millenary tales of ancient cities, where culture and heritage pass from generation to generation.

Yang Yuntao undertook his ACC fellowship in a residency program at Shen Wei Dance Art in October 2011. 

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Performance / Hong Kong


September 8, 2017 - September 10, 2017

"In stillness there exists clarity, beauty and serenity." Vipassana is presented by HKDC Artistic Director Yang Yuntao, renowned scenographer Tsang Man-tung and award-winning composer Law Wing-fai. Vipassana consists of three parts, each a personal account of the artist's life experience,  in a soul-cleansing ritual.

Yang Yuntao, Tsang Man Tung and Law Wing-fai all received ACC fellowships for research on theater and dance in New York.

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Grantees: Tsang Kelvin Man Tung, Law Wing Fai, Yang Yuntao