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Miyauchi Yasuno


Grants Awarded

2015 | Music | United States

for a six-month grant to conduct research on contemporary music, meet artists and curators, and observe performing arts activities in the U.S.


Performance / Japan

Nao Nishihara × Tsumugine

February 15, 2017

Nao Nishihara challenges the ears, exploring relation and disrelation between sound and human being. Performance group Tsumugine, founded by Yasuno Miyauchi, combines the audience, space and its acoustic, as becoming a background scenery themselves. Both of them use sound as their medium, sharing the keywords such as human, sound, music, communication and body. While Nishihara deconstructs music relying on ears, Tsumugine attempts to pick up each sound around the world to start constructing something new. Presenting their performances in parallel, audience will witness those kinds of performance/music that are most needed in today.

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Grantees: Nishihara Nao, Miyauchi Yasuno

Performance / United States

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January 12, 2017

With highly curated light and staging, Yasuno Miyauchi transforms the Issue Project Room into a ritual space.

Her work explores the expressive potential of collective singing, with an emphasis on performative affect, spatial distribution of vocal spectra; and the ecstasy of extended repetition, featuring choreographed bodily movement—providing the musical timeline with an accompanying visual narrative—all with the ultimate goal of binding female bodies and their voices to a site of radical perceptual experience.

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Grantee: Miyauchi Yasuno