Our Programs

Graduate Scholarships

ACC gives a small number of scholarships each year to students who have been admitted to a graduate degree program in the United States in one of the eligible disciplines. This funding may be used for travel and living expenses, but will not be sufficient to cover full tuition costs. Applicants who have not yet received an admissions offer are welcome to apply for an ACC scholarship, but ACC must receive proof of admission before funding can be awarded.

Competitive applicants are those pursuing study abroad because comparable programs are not available in the applicant’s home country. Priority will be given to fields that are underrepresented in the applicant’s home country.

Scholarships are given for one year at a time, but recipients may reapply in successive years and are likely to receive renewed support if they remain a student in good standing. For Ph.D. candidates, ACC is generally not able to offer funding for more than five years.