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New York Fellowship Program

**For the 2019 grant cycle (with an application deadline in fall 2018), the New York Fellowship is open to individuals from the following countries/regions only: China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Macau SAR, the Philippines, and Taiwan.**

The New York Fellowship Program enables artists, scholars, and arts specialists from Asia to live in New York City for a period of six months while receiving comprehensive logistical and programmatic support from ACC staff. This program is intended for research, exploration, and cultural immersion. It is not intended for exhibiting, performing, presenting, or other public activities.

Logistical Support
Logistical support includes: J-1 visa sponsorship, health insurance, a stipend for living and research expenses, and housing in a studio apartment in Manhattan. There are four start dates a year (September, December, March, and June) and applicants may indicate their preference in the application. The confirmed start date will be determined after the grant is awarded and will take into consideration programmatic recommendations and housing availability as well as the Fellow’s own schedule and preferences.

Programmatic Support
Applicants may apply with a focused research proposal, but open-ended exploration is also allowed and encouraged. Fellows in this program often choose to pursue new interests, explore across disciplines, observe best practices in their field, seek creative inspiration, or engage in targeted training or workshops.

ACC staff will assist in arranging a program of activities tailored to the individual goals and interests of each Fellow. This may include advice on cultural events, resources, and learning opportunities; introductions to relevant contacts in ACC’s network; and assistance planning travel to other parts of the country. During the program, Fellows will have opportunities to reflect on their work and experiences through meetings with staff and presentations to other Fellows in the program.

Ten Fellows participate in the program at any given time, forming a supportive community and providing additional opportunities for dialogue and collaboration across countries and disciplines.

Visual Artists: at ACC’s discretion, some visual artists in this program may be placed in a studio or non-studio residency program. Artists placed in a residency will be encouraged to use the residency as a site for community, dialogue, and expert recommendations about New York’s art scene; they are not expected to create new work. The New York Fellowship Program is not designed to help artists get discovered or find New York gallery representation.

Applicants should be independent, resourceful, curious, and open to new possibilities for inquiry and exploration in their own discipline and beyond. While Fellows will have programmatic support from ACC, they are expected to take the initiative to pursue their interests and follow up on staff recommendations. They will be asked to minimize outside commitments to immerse themselves in this opportunity.

Basic conversational English is required so that Fellows are able to make connections and engage in dialogue.


  • Only individuals may apply (no teams).
  • Previous participants in this program are not eligible to reapply.
  • For travel to the U.S. lasting less than six months, applicants should apply in the Individual Fellowship category.
  • For travel to the U.S. not based in New York City, applicants should apply in the Individual Fellowship category.
  • The fellowship cannot be divided into multiple trips. Once Fellows commit to a start date, they are expected to make the necessary personal and professional arrangements to adhere to that schedule.