Our Programs

Organization and Project Grants

The majority of ACC’s funding is awarded directly to individuals, but organizations that are facilitating a cultural exchange opportunity for individual project participants may apply on their behalf. Artist-led projects involving collaboration between three or more individuals are also considered in this category. All applicants in this category must have either official non-profit status or a fiscal sponsor. The duration and scope of projects may range.

ACC funding may only be used for the participation of specific individuals in a given project, and awards are made on the assessment of their work; the benefit they will gain from participating in the project; and the importance of their participation to larger goals of cultural exchange.

When completing the application, the focus should be on the specific project participants. Applications that do not name individual project participants and include their biographies and work samples will not be considered.

The amount requested should only include expenses directly related to individual project participants, and allowable expenses are limited to travel (airfare, per diem, housing, visas, travel insurance, etc). ACC is unable to provide funding for artist fees or production expenses. Administrative overhead may be included, but should make up no more than 20% of the request.

For project grants, any application seeking funding for three or more individuals will be reviewed as an organization grant, and must be submitted using the organization application form. Only requests from registered non-profits or from individuals with fiscal sponsorship will be considered. As with organization grants, the proposal should make a case for the participation of each individual for whom funding is sought, and the application will be reviewed on the merits of each individual project participant.

Additional ACC Support
ACC will provide J-1 visa sponsorship for participating artists as needed. On request, staff can also offer additional programmatic advice and make introductions to relevant contacts in the field.