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Lee Au-sen


Grants Awarded

2018 | Visual Arts | United States

a 6-month NY Fellowship to meet choreographers and dancers, partake in dance workshops, and explore the city’s live art scene


Exhibition / Taiwan


August 27, 2019 - September 8, 2019

Vinson Fraley and Tajee will meet in a hotel room in Manhattan. The two complete strangers will perform action scripts on designated hours. A photographer will be in the room to document their actions, freeze the time, and design an unhindered flying route for future viewers. “The first time I entered the room, it did not feel real, it felt like I was in a dream, like none of it was happening.” Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel and Aaron Thompson met every Monday for interviews in Brooklyn Public Library or at the café in a supermarket. The interviews were written on a rather tiny notebook. Once, Thompson took out five dollar bills with an identical serial number. He used one of them to pay for frosted donuts as snacks and signed his name on another. Another live scene within the live scene, we discuss the ruins of control. The room can be traversed and could have been practical to learn the art of storm avoidance.

Commissioned by Taipei Performing Arts Center, directed by ACC alumna Val Au-sen Lee.

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Grantee: Lee Au-sen

Exhibition / Mexico

Buenos días mujeres / N

October 11, 2019 - October 13, 2019

Two strangers, M and A, encounter each other in different sites around Escandón (Mexico City) following action scripts that designate their journey. This is Buenos días mujeres. Two others, V and T, meet in a hotel room in Manhattan (New York) and performed the action scripts for an appointed duration. This is N.

ACC alumna Val Lee is a director and co-founding artist of Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel, an art collective employing constructed, ephemeral situations as a form of live art where the audience enters a poetic constellation of action script, installation, sound, hypnotic rhetoric, composite structure, and mise-en-scène. GMGS is drawn to urban violence, criminal act, political riot, abrupt historical reenactment, and the diversified modes of psychological absorption and participation.

Between auto-cinema and auto-documentary, Buenos días mujeres and N are two films designed beforehand but played out in the absence of the director. Confronted with several scenarios and sets, the main characters in each film interpret the narrative as if on auto-pilot, while the photographers document their actions, freezing the specific time and charting a path for future viewers.

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Grantee: Lee Au-sen