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Cambodian Living Arts

United States

Grants Awarded

2016 | Music | Cambodia

to support the inaugural year of Chinary Ung's Nimrita Music workshop in Cambodia

2015 | Arts Administration | Myanmar

to support international travel and per diem costs for Living Arts Fellows from Cambodia to participate in a ten-day professional exchange program in Myanmar in November 2015

2013 | Visual Art | United States

ACC funding enabled contemporary visual artists from Cambodia to participate in Season of Cambodia (SoC), a multi-platform interdisciplinary arts and culture festival held in New York City. Over 120 Cambodian artists and cultural professionals with cultural and academic organizations will gather for the festival. SoC will showcase creative artists of international reputation and influence, give voice to important new works and practitioners, and celebrate the powerful and significant historical practices, art forms, and artifacts that continue to resonate today. It intends to create opportunities to recognize and reflect on Cambodia's artistic legacy, its current practice, and the ways in which culture plays a significant role in the social, emotional, and economic rebuilding of post-trauma nation states. Cambodia's cultural regeneration, fueled in part by the activities of a creative and deeply engaged Cambodian Diaspora, is also a key touchstone for the project.  The fiscal sponsor for this grant is the New York Foundation for the Arts.

2011 | Arts, General | Cambodia

to support travel and per diem costs for five presenters and arts producers to travel to Cambodia in March 2011 in connection with the development of the Season of Cambodia program

2007 | Music | United States

for the participation of six traditional musicians from Cambodia in a residency and performance in Lowell, Massachusetts