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ISSUE Project Room

United States

Grants Awarded

2016 | Music | Japan

to support the participation of sound artist Nao Nishihara in a performance in Brooklyn, New York in November 2016

2015 | Music | Japan

to support the participation of Akio Suzuki on a two-week tour in September 2015

2012 | Arts Administration | United States

ACC funding supported Voices and Echoes from Japan, a unique tour featuring performances by four influential Japanese artists in September 2012. Voices and Echoes from Japan is a landmark tour introducing North American audiences to the influential but under-recognized work of pioneering Japanese artists renowned for their unique, interdisciplinary approaches to sound-based practices: Akio Suzuki, Ami Yoshida, and Gozo Yoshimasu in collaborations with Yoshihide Otomo. The performances span an array of artistic disciplines including literature, sound art, conceptual performance, and improvisation- all converging around a theme of highly personalized, experimental approaches to sound perception, production, and presentation. The tour included performances at Vancouver New Music (Vancouver, B.C.), REDCAT (Los Angeles, CA), Nameless Sound (Houston, TX), Time-Based Art Festival (Portland, OR), and two performances at ISSUE Project Room (Brooklyn, NY). In addition to six total performances, the touring musicians also hosted four workshops and lectures, all free and open to the public.