Our Programs

Grant Categories

ACC makes grants in the five categories below. The General Eligibility Guidelines apply to all grant categories.

New York Fellowship Program (Asia-to-U.S. only)
**For the 2019 grant cycle (with an application deadline in fall 2018), the New York Fellowship is open to individuals from the following countries/regions only: China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Macau SAR, the Philippines, and Taiwan.**
For individuals who wish to participate in a six-month fellowship program based in New York City. The program includes comprehensive logistical and programmatic support from ACC staff. Fellowships may involve targeted research, but open-ended exploration is also allowed and encouraged. Learn more

Individual Fellowship Program (Asia-to-U.S., U.S.-to-Asia, or intra-Asia)
For individuals (or two collaborators) undertaking self-directed research trips of one to six months. Partial funding for dissertation research projects of up to one year is also available in this category. Programmatic support from ACC staff is offered as needed. Learn more

Travel Grant (Asia-to-U.S., U.S.-to-Asia, or intra-Asia)
**For the 2019 grant cycle (with an application deadline in fall 2018), ACC is not accepting proposals for travel grants.**
For individuals (or two collaborators) who need modest financial support for travel of less than one month. Applicants may also apply in this category for longer-term projects that have other sources of funding and require additional funding only for travel-related expenses. Learn more

Graduate Scholarship (Asia-to-U.S. only)
For students pursuing graduate degrees in the U.S., with priority given to students who do not have access to comparable programs at home, and to those studying in fields that are underrepresented in their home country. Scholarships are for one year and provide for travel expenses and a living stipend, but cannot support full tuition costs. Learn more

Organization and Project Grant (Asia-to-U.S., U.S.-to-Asia, or intra-Asia)
For organizations that are facilitating a cultural exchange opportunity for individual project participants, or for collaborations involving three or more individuals. All applicants in this category must have either official non-profit status or a fiscal sponsor with official non-profit status. The duration and scope of projects may range. Learn more