Organization and Project Grants

The 2023 Grant Cycle is currently closed. The next global funding cycle will open in Fall 2023.

In addition to the general eligibility guidelines described on the Fellowships & Grants page, the following guidelines are currently in effect for this program:

Length: Varies 
Funding Period: 08/01/2023-12/31/2024  
Who: Not-for-profit Organizations 
Eligible Fields: Eligible fields
Travel Type: Asia-to-U.S., intra-Asia
Funding Covers:                                                              
  • International / domestic travel (flights, visa fees, transportation)
  • Daily expenses  (accommodations, meals, incidentals)

Not covered: production costs (including exhibitions, tours, film production, and publication), capital or equipment purchases; receptions; opening parties.  For more information, please check the ‘Allowable Use of Funding’ section on the Fellowships & Grants page.

Organization and project grants are awarded primarily to support cultural exchange opportunities for specific project participants who will benefit from the experience through cultural immersion, research, specialized training, exchange of knowledge among peers, and other process-oriented activities. Project participants must be practicing artists, scholars, and/or arts professionals. Production-driven projects are not eligible, including touring, performances, and exhibitions.

Support services are intended to enhance a proposed plan of activity, give increased access to artistic communities and cultural resources in the destination country, and deepen the cultural exchange experience. However, proposals in this program should be feasible with or without additional guidance from ACC.

As ACC intends to support cultural exchange activities through the Organization and Project Grant, applicants must: 

  • Articulate what kind of cultural exchange the organization plans to create; why the cultural exchange project is important to the organization, the project participants, and the larger community or field; and how the organization plans to sustain the outcome or impact after the project ends.
  • Be a registered nonprofit organization/NGO and provide a government-issued not-for-profit certificate  . 
  • Request funding for specific project participants who meet the criteria described in the general eligibility guidelines on the Fellowships & Grants page.
  • Describe how project participants will benefit from their involvement and the importance of their participation to the larger goals of cultural exchange.

Please note the following restrictions:

  • ACC funding cannot be used for artist fees or production expenses.
  • Applications that do not name individual project participants and include their biographies and work samples will not be considered. The project participants cannot be changed without ACC’s approval.