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2017 Grants

Asian Cultural Council Awards $1.4 Million in Cultural Exchange Grants

Selected from over 700 applicants, the individual grantees and the organizational project participants are artists, scholars, and arts specialists pursuing study or research abroad. They hail from Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the U.S.  Forty-one grants are for Asia-to-U.S. travel; thirty-two are for U.S.-to-Asia travel; six are for intra-Asia travel; and 2 grants involve travel both within Asia and between Asia and the U.S.

ACC is excited to welcome its new grantees and is eager to welcome them to the ACC community.

This year’s ACC grantee recipients are:

Minkyung Bae Independent artist (Seoul): A six-month fellowship and studio residency to engage with contemporary art in the U.S.

Claire Brandon Independent curator (New York): A six-week grant to conduct research in Hong Kong, India, and Pakistan for an exhibition on contemporary Pakistani art

Douglas Brooks Boatbuilder (Vergennes, VT): A three-month grant to study traditional boatbuilding in Japan and research its antecedents within the Chinese boatbuilding tradition

Sirikarn Bunjongtad Independent theater artist (Bangkok): A six-month fellowship to be an artist-in-residence in the University of Connecticut’s Puppet Arts Program and at the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry

Savinee Buranasilapin Architect (Bangkok): A two-month grant to explore land art in the American West and New York to enhance her architectural studio practice in Thailand

Kevin Julius Castelo Independent percussionist (Manila): To begin a program of study leading to a Master of Music degree at Indiana University1,437,064)

Yu An Chen Vocalist, Lee Qing Zhao Theatre Company (Taipei): A six-month fellowship to take vocal training courses in New York City and explore jazz music in New Orleans

Yulin Chen Associate Professor, Tsinghua University (Beijing): A five-month fellowship to attend the Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies (SPURS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Abigail Child Independent Film & Media Artist (New York): A month-long residency at Reversible Destiny Lofts in Tokyo to meet with artists and critics and to conduct research for a new film

Core of Culture (Chicago): A grant to bring a master dance artist from Ladakh, India to Chicago to receive 6 weeks of training in dance archiving and preservation

Faye Johanna Cura Associate Manager/Curator, Filipinas Heritage Library (Makati City): A six-month fellowship to observe how libraries, archives, and museums in the U.S. exhibit material culture, and to study curatorial practice as a means of public history

Astad Deboo Independent dance artist (Mumbai): to participate in the 2017 La MaMa Moves! Festival in New York City

Erik DeLuca Independent Scholar/Composer (Spofford, NH): A four-month fellowship to conduct field research on the acoustic ecology of Myanmar

Yun Du Independent composer (New York): A five-week grant to research contemporary Qawwali music in Pakistan and meet local musicians and folk singers, informing a new wor

Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago): a grant to support Wavefront Residency, a sound art exchange residency between Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago and soundpocket in Hong Kong

Ellen Fisher Independent performance artist (New York): A one-month grant to explore the Kataragama festival in Southeastern Sri Lanka

Jessica Grindstaff Founder/Director, Phantom Limb Company (New York): A nine-week fellowship to study with Butoh and Bunraku artists in Japan and to visit the Fukushima region to capture visual, aural, and personal stories, informing a new theater work

Heng-Gil Han Independent curator (New York): for a two month grant to research contemporary art in Korea

Mari Hashimoto Conservation specialist (Tokyo): A six-month fellowship to conduct conservation research at Pace Art Conservation in Honolulu, Hawaii

DJ Hatfield Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music (Boston): A three-month fellowship to undertake a collaborative ethnomusicology project with indigenous communities in Hualien County, Taiwan

Utsa Hazarika Independent Artist (Delhi): A one-year scholarship for travel and living expenses during the first year of an M.F.A. program in the U.S.

Ellie Irons Independent artist (Brooklyn) A one-month grant to engage in plant-based research while in residence at Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taiwan

Kyoko Iwaki Associate Lecturer, Goldmiths College (London & Tokyo): A six-month month fellowship to conduct research on how non-dominant voices are represented in theater in the U.S.

Winner Jumalon Independent artist (Marikina City, Philippines): a six-month fellowship to explore contemporary art practices and participate in a studio residency program in the U.S.

Yusuke Kamata Independent Artist (Yokohama): A six-month fellowship to research Japanese-style architecture in the U.S. as a lens into culture, art, and politics

Sophy Keo  Music Professor, Royal University of Fine Arts (Phnom Penh): A six-month fellowship to undertake independent composition studies with composer Chinary Ung at the University of California, San Diego

Susanne Kerekes Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia): A four-month fellowship to conduct research on the material culture and social history of the Wat Arun temple in Bangkok, Thailand

Kyungmi Kim Independent dance artist (Seoul): A four-month fellowship in the U.S. to explore contemporary dance practices and research embedded bodily memories

Selena Kimball Assistant Professor, Parsons, The New School (New York City): a five-week fellowship to examine re-interpretations and mistranslations of the landscape in China

Chieko Kitade Curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (Kanazawa) A three-month fellowship to conduct research on time-based media and performance art in the U.S.

Tetsuro Koyano Dance artist (Tokyo): to undertake a collaborative project in Chiangmai, Thailand for two months

Delin Lai Associate Professor, University of Louisville (Louisville): A two-month grant to study architectural remains of Baptist and Presbyterian Churches in southeast China

Ma. Elena Laniog Choreographer, Center for Movement and Music (Quezon City): a four-month fellowship to observe contemporary dance in the U.S. and attend the American Dance Festival International Choreographers Residency

Jianjun Li Independent theater artist (Beijing): A three-month fellowship to research and observe interdisciplinary theater in New York and meet peers in the field

Baboo Liao Director, Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Theater (Taipei): A six-month fellowship to attend Performa 17 and explore the crossover between visual and performing arts in New York

Russ Ligtas Independent artist (Manila): A 6-month fellowship in Japan and the U.S. to investigate current notions of performance and the efficacy, potential, and relevance of performance art

Lina Lin Associate Researcher, The National Palace Museum (Taipei): A travel grant to visit museums in New York and meet with curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ming Lin Independent writer/art critic (New York): A six-month fellowship in China to research the informal economies that emerge in the shadows of rapid industrialization

Michael Lindsey Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz): A six-month dissertation research fellowship to investigate the effects of violence on Afghan musical culture

Mingjun Lu Independent art critic/Associate Professor, Sichuan University (Chengdu): A six-month fellowship to research contemporary art criticism and interview art writers and artists in the U.S.

Soo Yeon Lyuh Scholar-in-Residence, Mills College (Oakland): a six-month fellowship to develop musical collaborations in the Bay Area and bring gugak into dialogue with contemporary experimental music

Bonnie Marranca Publisher, PAJ Publications (New York): A one-month grant to research Fluxus artist Dick Higgins’s unique Graphis scores in the archives of the Sogetsu Art Center in Tokyo

Yasuno Miyauchi Composer (Tokyo): a two-month fellowship to research contemporary performing arts and aboriginal musical cultures in Taiwan

Movement Research (New York): A three-week grant for dancer Ursula Eagly to be in residence at Seoul Dance Centre through the Movement Research Exchange program

Gary Ka Kin Ng Architect (Hong Kong): a three-week travel grant to research the relationship between arts and culture and the built environment across the U.S.

Mai Thi Thanh Nguyen Independent artist (Hue): A four-month fellowship to continue research in Cambodia’s Vietnamese communities for a project examining migration, identity, and memory within the context of historical and recent conflict between the two nations

Grace Nono Ethnomusicologist (Quezon City): a one-year scholarship for travel and living expenses during the first year of an M.A. program in religion and women’s studies at Yale Divinity School

NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts (New York City): A grant to bring Théâtre du Rêve Expérimental from Beijing to New York for the North American premiere of “Thunderstorm 2.0” at the 2018 Under the Radar Festival

Aki Onda Independent composer/performer/curator (Brooklyn): A two-month research trip to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan to trace the legacy of Dr. José M. Maceda’s influence on contemporary experimental performanc

Sau Wai Kearen Pang Playwright (Hong Kong): a three-month fellowship to explore filmmaking and theater in New York City

Haeyun Park Ph.D. Candidate, CUNY Graduate Center (Amherst): A dissertation fellowship to conduct research in Japan on the trans-Pacific development of video art from the 1970s to the 1990s

Renee Philippi Artistic Director, Concrete Temple Theatre (New York): A three-week grant to research cultural attitudes towards women and investigate traditional theater practice in Korea

Bruce Quek Independent artist (Singapore): A three-month fellowship to work on an ongoing project and explore the contemporary art scene in New York City

Desiree A. Quintero Independent scholar (Honolulu): a 9-month fellowship to research traditional pangalay dance in Malaysia and the Philippines

Kornkarn Rungsawang Dance artist (Bangkok): a six-month grant to and to observe contemporary dance in the United States.

San Jose Museum of Art (San Jose): a travel grant to support the participation of the three members of The Propeller Group, from Vietnam, in community outreach activities related to an exhibition of their work at the San Jose Museum of Art

Moe Satt Independent artist (Yangon): A six-month fellowship to engage with artists and curators and to explore the contemporary arts world in the U.S.

Kavita Shah Independent vocalist/composer (New York): A two-month fellowship to study Indian classical music in Bangalore

Wei Shen Choreographer (New York City): 2017 John D. Rockefeller 3rd Award for significant contributions to the international understanding, practice, or study of the visual or performing arts of Asia

Zoya Siddiqui Independent artist (Lahore): A one-year scholarship for living expenses during the second year of an M.F.A. program at the University of Pennsylvania

Cristina Sison Resident production stage manager, Juilliard (East Elmhurst, NY): a six-week grant to conduct a training and mentoring program for aspiring stage managers in the Philippines

Hannah Standiford Independent musician/songwriter (Richmond): A five-month fellowship to study, notate, and document kroncong music in Indonesia

Judha Suwanmongkol Independent art critic (Bangkok): A six-month fellowship to engage with artists and art critics in the U.S. to advance critical practice and dialogue on contemporary art in Thailand

Taiwan Art Space Alliance (Taipei): A program of bi-lateral curator exchanges between Taiwan and Korea to expand regional arts networks

Kota Takeuchi Independent artist (Tokyo & Fukushima): A six-month fellowship to conduct research on World War II and nuclear industrial sites in the U.S.

Alan Wai Lun Tam Trombonist, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (Hong Kong): A six-week grant to participate in the 2017 Aspen Music Festival and School

Wai Chung Joyce Tang Composer/Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong): a three-month grant to attend the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music and explore contemporary music in the U.S.

Fiona Templeton Independent playwright/director (New York): A two-month fellowship to conduct research on the Itako shamans of northern Japan to inform a new theater work

The Hinterlands (Detroit): A three-week grant for a collaboration with artists in Beijing to explore creating a technologically innovative theater work

Wing Yan Vivian Ting Independent curator (Hong Kong): A six-month fellowship to conduct field research in museums in New York and other cities in the U.S.

Chien-Ying Tseng Independent artist (Taipei): A six-month fellowship to survey artistic practice across the U.S. and to engage with communities in New York and on the West Coast

Kuang-Yu Tsui Independent artist (Taipei): A six-month fellowship to explore urban environments in the U.S. and investigate the relationship between social media and behavior

University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology (Quezon City): A travel grant to support the participation of international scholars in a conference on the legacy of Dr. José M. Maceda, organized by the University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology

Ming Yen Wang Research Assistant, Academia Sinica (Taipei): A six-month grant to conduct in-depth research in Korea on the historical influence of Chinese porcelain on Korean ceramics

WCV, Inc. (Brooklyn): A travel grant to support the continued participation of Kapila Venu, Rajeev Padiparampil, Proeung Chhieng, and Margaretha Heni Winahyuningsih in WCV Inc.’s multi-year dance project, The Set Up

Chun Wong Independent film director (Hong Kong): A three-month fellowship to explore contemporary arts and filmmaking in New York City

Jianru Wu Curator (Beijing): for a six-month fellowship to research and observe current artistic and curatorial practice in the U.S.

Yuanyuan Yang Independent artist (Beijing): A six-month fellowship in the U.S. to engage with artists and communities and to research immigration history and diasporic writers

Jiin You Conceptual artist (Seoul): a six-month grant to observe contemporary art activities and meet other artists in the United States.

Yan Zhu Prima ballerina, National Ballet of China (Beijing): a three-month fellowship to explore a variety of dance practices in New York City