ACC Taiwan announces 2017 Taiwan Fellowship recipients

We are delighted to announce that 2017 ACC Taiwan Fellowship have been awarded to  6 individuals and 1 organization. They are all talented artists or arts professionals currently at the forefront of arts and cultural developments in Taiwan. 

Congratulations to the new grantees and wish them all a very promising future with the grant support from ACC! 

1.  Yu-An Chen (Theater) -  Lead performer at Theatre Company of Lee Qing Zhao the Private
A 6-month fellowship to take vocal training courses in New York City and explore jazz music in New Orleans
2. Jiun-Cheng Baboo Liao (Theater) - Director in Residence, Shakespeare's Wild Sister
A 6-month fellowship to attend Performa 17 and explore the crossover between visual and performing arts in New York City
3. Kuang-Yu Tsui (Visual Art) - Visual Artist performing social experiments in form of video art 
A 6-month fellowship to explore urban environments in the U.S. and investigate the relationship between social media and behavior
4. Chien-Ying Tseng (Visual Art) - Visual Artist using ink and gouache as medium of his work
A 6-month fellowship to survey artistic practices across the U.S. and engage with communities in NY and on the West Coast
5. Ming-Yen Wang (Art History) - Research Assistant at Academia Sinica, Institute of History and Philology
A 6-month grant to conduct in-depth research in Korea on the historical influence of Chinese porcelain on Korean ceramics
6. Donald John Hatfield (Ethnomusicology) - PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology, University of Chicago
A 3-month fellowship to undertake a collaborative ethnomusicology project with indigenous communities in Hualien County, Taiwan
7. Taiwan Art Space Alliance (Curation) - A platform for the exchange and integration of art space and resources across Taiwan  
A 1-month bi-lateral curator exchange program between Taiwan and Korea to expand regional arts networks
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