ACC Taiwan Grantees have been nominated for the 15th Taishin Arts Award

Taishin Arts Award, Taiwan's most prestigious prize for contemporary arts, recognizes outstanding works of dance, theatre, music and visual arts that have premiered in the preceding calendar year.

It is an encouraging news to learn that out of a total 19 nominees for the 15th Taishin Arts Award, 4 of them are ACC Taiwan Grantees; they are Cheng Tsung-Lung (Dance, 2011), Su Hui-Yu (Visual Art, 2008), Wang Shin-Shin (Music, 2011) and Pagarlava Bulareyaung (Dance, 1998, 2007).

The final winner will be selected by an international jury committee, including Martin Sturm (Director of the OK Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich, Linz, Austria), Jeff Khan (Artistic Director of Performance Space, Sydney, Australia), Ong Keng Sen (The Festival Director of the all-new Singapore International Festival of Arts), Chen Kuang-Yi (Associate Professor, Graduate Program in Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts), Wu Mali ( Associate Professor and Chair of Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Art, National Kaohsiung Normal University), Zhang Xiao-Xiong (Head of School of Dance, National Taiwan University of Arts) and Yen Hung-Ya (Poet and Theater Director).

Among the 7 jurors, both Ong Keng Sen and Yen Hung-Ya have been ACC grant recipients . 

The Annual Grand Prize will be announced on 13 May 2017.
Asian Cultural Council