Alumni Events

《Profound speech: we are still reciting far beyond》

Performance / Taiwan
November 10, 2017 - November 12, 2017
Guling Street Avant-garde Theater (No. 2, Alley 5, Guling Street, Taipei)

After the performance on TED Taipei in May, 2017, Sauniaw Tjuveljevelj, inheritor of Paiwan ancient songs et expert of nose flute, will re-cooperate in Kei Zemihwng with Pisui Ciyo, Tayan theatre artist and the Taishin Performing Arts award winner, also with the participation of Mexican musician Iván Flores, theatre actresses, Lu Shiau-Han, Zhang Peng-Yu, Wang Shin-Ying, and Huang Ren-Jun as video designer. 

Based on the profound purity of ancient vibration songs, Kei Zemihwng will share with spectators, through body, vocal and image creations, the core of oral culture:“Meeting” between “you” and “me”, the irreplaceable presence.

Grantee: Ciyo Pisui