Alumni Events

STUPIN.ORG: Kuo I-Chen Solo Exhibition

Exhibition / Taiwan
December 22, 2017 - February 25, 2018
Taipei Artist Village (7 Beiping East Road Taipei )

STUPIN is founded by artist Kuo I-Chen in 2017. It is an artist studio residency platform where different fields of artists can share and link their studios and connection. Through two main functions-STUDIO and PIN, we expect to build a global studio residency network. The STUPIN pronunciation resembles "stupid", likewise, artist tends to devote to their creation bravely and nearly foolishly. But often this persistence comes out with an unexpected result. STUPIN represents an attitude to explore the unknown without constraining by forms. With an open mind, we invite you to join this journey. Be STUPIN! Be Smart!

STUPIN-Individual as a Unit of Residency

STUPIN turns personal studio into residency space by one on one swapping, which lowers threshold for residency application and also allows each other to share resources effectively. There’s also no constraint on the types of creation, also the type of spaces. From apartment , co-working space to artist collective, as long as you are willing to share, STUPIN welcomes you to become our member and experience this unique residency journey!

Grantee: Kuo I-Chen