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《Profound speech: we are still reciting far beyond》

November 10, 2017 - November 12, 2017

After the performance on TED Taipei in May, 2017, Sauniaw Tjuveljevelj, inheritor of Paiwan ancient songs et expert of nose flute, will re-cooperate in Kei Zemihwng with Pisui Ciyo, Tayan theatre artist and the Taishin Performing Arts award winner, also with the participation of Mexican musician Iván Flores, theatre actresses, Lu Shiau-Han, Zhang Peng-Yu, Wang Shin-Ying, and Huang Ren-Jun as video designer. 

Based on the profound purity of ancient vibration songs, Kei Zemihwng will share with spectators, through body, vocal and image creations, the core of oral culture:“Meeting” between “you” and “me”, the irreplaceable presence.

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Grantee: Ciyo Pisui