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Chen Howard


Grants Awarded

2001 | Visual Art | United States

For participation in a project undertaken by Headlands Center for the Arts


Exhibition / Taiwan


December 10, 2016 - January 21, 2017

國立臺南藝術學院 造型藝術研究所第一屆 師生聯展. 抱括亞洲文化協會的受獎人:陳俊豪, 陶亞倫, 潘娉玉.

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Grantees: Chen Howard, Pan Ping-Yu, Tao Ya-Lun

Exhibition / Taiwan

Chen Chun-Hao: Once Upon an Otherworldly Realm

May 6, 2017 - July 2, 2017

The Tina Keng Gallery is pleased to present Chen Chun-Hao: Once Upon an Otherworldly Realm, the first solo exhibition of the artist in three years. Chen is known for his mosquito nail painting that emulates ancient landscape with small headless pins, a modern industry product, to conjure a visual effect that reinterprets Chinese ink painting. This exhibition is comprised of his classical “Transcendence,” as well as the latest “Spherical Heavens” and “Flat Earth” series.

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Grantee: Chen Howard

Exhibition / Japan

蚊釘山水-陳浚豪個展 Howard Chen Solo Exhibition

August 1, 2018 - September 2, 2018

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Grantee: Chen Howard