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Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company


Grants Awarded

2015 | Theater | Unites States, Singapore, Japan

to support the participation of theater scholars from the U.S., Singapore, and Japan in an international symposium in Taipei in December 2015

2011 | Theater | China

ACC support enabled the participation of puppet artists from Taiwan in a collaborative rehearsal process with the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe and Beijing Shadow Show Troupe to prepare Shadowlands, a modern musical and a unique cooperation of Asia’s most prominent shadow puppet traditions that was chosen to be featured in the 2012 Taiwan International Festival of Arts to introduce the art form to new audiences Shadowlands also involved puppetry artists from Istanbul and the U.S. including 1978 and 2006 ACC grantee Larry Reed in the collaboration.


Performance / Taiwan

A Sailor's Tale

April 6, 2017 - April 16, 2017

The background of the story is the Franco-Chinese War from 1883-1885 and the battles that took place in Taiwan. A French sailor leads a happy life with his young wife. One day he takes leave of his wife and set sail on a ship to Asia. The ship encounters a typhoon as it approaches Taiwan and the ship sinks. The wife of the sailor receives a message from the army saying that her husband in missing in action and maybe dead, she breaks down...She doesn’t know her husband was still alive and had an adventure in Taiwan. 
Director/Writer : Robin Ruizendaal 
Soprano : Anne Rodier 
Musician : Shih-Neng Chang 
Puppeteer : Chien-Fu Kuo 
Massimo Godli Peli 

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Grantee: Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company