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Tsung-Lung Tsai


Tsung-Lung Tsai is a prominent ceramic artist based in Taipei. His work has been exhibited throughout Taiwan, Korea, and Japan and is included in many important ceramics collections in the region. In Mr. Tsai's series, Temperature of Tranquility, he has attempted to visualize his own sense of temperature and enable viewers to sense directly the inner quality exuded by the work; a warm, tranquil intimacy. He is particularly interested in process of firing, which itself changes clay to pottery, and sees wood-firing as an expressive form unto itself.

Grants Awarded

2012 | Visual Art | Japan

ACC supported Mr. Tsai in a three-month residency at the Shiaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, one of the most significant institutes for the study of ceramics in Japan. As an artist-in-residence, Mr. Tsai was able to take advantage of his opportunity by interacting with ceramic artists from Japan and from around the world, gaining insight and new skills that will assist him in moving his work to a new level.