Our Program

Individual Fellowship Program (Asia-to-U.S., or intra-Asia)

The Individual Fellowship Program is open to individuals (or up to two collaborators) undertaking trips ranging from one to six months for research, study, or exploration. Dissertation research is also supported in this category with partial funding offered for up to one year.

In addition to funding, ACC offers Fellows logistical and programmatic support. The level of support will vary according to the needs of a given proposal and ACC’s resources in the destination country. Support may include recommendations of sites to visit or activities to participate in, and personal introductions to relevant contacts within ACC’s network of alumni and partners throughout Asia and the U.S. This network is particularly strong where ACC has offices: Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the U.S.

Programmatic support is intended to enhance a proposed plan of activity and deepen the cultural exchange experience, but proposals should be feasible with or without additional guidance from ACC.

Up to two collaborators may apply together using a single individual application form. Application answers and supporting materials should represent both individuals equally and make a case for why the project requires collaboration. The average grant amount is not likely to be larger than an individual grant, so successful applications tend to be those proposing a shorter period of travel.

Dissertation Research
An ACC fellowship will not be sufficient to cover a full year of field research, especially in more expensive destination countries. The submitted budget should indicate additional prospective funding sources.

Travel to the U.S.
For Fellows traveling from Asia to the U.S., ACC will provide health insurance and J-1 visa sponsorship as needed. Fellows will be responsible for making their own housing arrangements, but staff will offer advice and recommendations when possible. Because there is no public transportation in rural areas and only limited transportation in many cities, applicants proposing travel outside of major metropolitan areas should research and demonstrate the feasibility of their plans, and they should be prepared to rent a car if necessary to carry out their intended project.