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Hsi Shih-Pin


Shih-Peng Hsi is an exceptionally talented sculptor whose prodigious output has been exhibited in a wide range of settings. Known for creating work that is uniquely integrated with its environment, in 2011 Mr. Hsi was a resident artist at both the Tungho Steel Mill in Miaoli and the Hermes boutique in Taipei.

Grants Awarded

2012 | Visual Art | United States

ACC provided a five-month grant for Mr. Hsi to carry out a residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, California, and to observe contemporary art activities in New York. Ms. Hsi regards his grant as a very important opportunity that will further develop his artistic capabilities and elevate his work to a higher level.


Exhibition / Taiwan


九月 9, 2017 - 十一月 5, 2017

本展覽以「光」作為展覽主題名稱,首先希望回應同志社群裡以彩虹作為符號象徵和平、愛和多元訴求的歷史,彩虹即為光的折射,本為一體,藝術的展現以及同志議題的探討如光譜一樣擁有多樣和包容性,絕非光明與黑暗兩端的二元對立;其次,「光」是地球上生物生生不息的能量來源,它平等對待萬物,滋養生命,用光的作用帶來成長、希望和美善的目的。展覽聚焦在文化、語言、地緣關係和族群背景相近的香港、臺灣、中國、新加坡等地,邀請 22 組藝術家參與,展出共51 件作品,透過身份認同、平權議題、媒體消費現象、社會現實困境、個別/群體間的評論、人性慾望以及生與死等廣泛內容,呈現出二戰後華人 LGBTQ 社群的生活故事與相關議題,集結匯聚成了當代亞洲同志的歷史與生命情境。

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Grantees: Wang Jun-Jieh, Hsi Shih-Pin, Su Hui Yu