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Jao Chia-En


: Mr. Jao is a new media artist who has gained great attention and exhibited around the world. His works are primarily investigations of the power structures in the art world and the resulting marginalization and politics this creates. His current project, Statement, which was featured at the 2010 Taipei Biennale at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, is an exploration of the artist’s statement. Examining artist statements in Taiwan from 1930 to today, and “enacting” them with the help of the general public, Mr. Jao’s videos show how the meaning of art is produced in all its linguistic and performative aspects. Mr. Jao’s Statement explores how the jargon of the contemporary art world has influenced the work itself. His research conducted in New York shed light on how the public understands art practice from different perspectives and contributed to Statement’s finished articulation.

Grants Awarded

2011 | Arts, General | United States

to observe contemporary art activities in New York and to continue the research for an art project Statement


Exhibition / Taiwan


五月 6, 2017 - 六月 25, 2017

本次個展「後座大道」延續饒加恩所關注的歷史遺留物及其在當代社會中的再生產,在處理這些問題意識的過程中,延伸對歷史不同的詮釋,同時對國家及媒體所建立的脈絡提出疑問。本次展覽涵蓋了三組作品, 2016年底於紐約古根漢美術館發表的《計程車》,混合電影與紀錄片語彙,拍攝藝術家乘坐計程車時與司機們的對話,透過前往幾個歷史事件交錯的地點時的對話,交織出台北城市地圖下地理、歷史、意識形態的隱藏樣貌。第二組作品為一系列水彩紙本構成,畫作中的元素探討看待與交易歷史的方式、及其美學和道德平衡的問題。第三件作品以錄像裝置的形式呈現,拍攝了一座在2015年正式從日本分靈、於台灣重建的神社,處理象徵物和符號變異的狀態。

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Grantee: Jao Chia-En