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Kuo I-Chen


I-Chen Kuo is an acclaimed artist whose singular vision of a world under constant threat has created a breadth of work characterized by sophisticated, mixed-media installations. Creating interactive installations, single-channel video, and performance art, Mr. Kuo makes work to reflect the ever-shifting relationship between humans and the environment. In 2005, Mr. Kuo became the youngest artist ever to represent Taiwan in the Venice Biennial. Subsequently, his works have been featured in numerous exhibitions in Taiwan, throughout Asia, and in Europe.

Grants Awarded

2012 | Visual Art | United States

With ACC support, Mr. Kuo travelled to the United States spending three months meeting artists, seeing works, observing art activities, and exploring in New York City. While in New York, Mr. Kuo partook in a residency program with PointB Worklodge in Brooklyn.


STUPIN.ORG: Kuo I-Chen Solo Exhibition

二月 18, 2017 - 四月 16, 2017

STUPIN is a platform for artist residencies where individual artists network in the form of studio swaps. STUPIN.ORG, Kuo’s solo exhibition at TKG+ Projects, is the first embodiment of the studio-swap residency. Kuo investigates the relationship between the artist, the work, and the space it occupies. For this exhibition, Kuo swaps studios with Portuguese artist Filipe Cortez, who works across such mediums as performance, oil painting, sculpture, and installation in surveying the ephemeral landscape of memory, time, and the city through his site-specific work. Cortez and Kuo will continue their respective practices in each other’s hometown — Cortez in Taipei, Taiwan and Kuo in Porto, Portugal — and connect the two cities through their experiences of cultural exchange and networking.

Kuo I-Chen undertook his ACC residency in 2012 in New York.

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Exhibition / Taiwan


二月 18, 2017 - 四月 15, 2017

STUPIN是由藝術家郭奕臣在2017年成立的藝術家工作室駐村平台 — STUPIN以藝術家個人作為單位,透過「Studio 空間交換」與「Pin 駐地文化導遊」,進行工作室與人際網絡的連結和分享,進而串聯出一種全新型態的國際藝術駐村網絡。

本次TKG+ Projects展覽「STUPIN.ORG」為STUPIN交換工作室駐村計畫的首次呈現,將畫廊空間轉化為藝術家工作室,藉由孕育作品的第一線、後端展示,甚至販售場域的同時發生,探討藝術家、作品及空間狀態屬性三方交互之間的關係。此次交換計畫邀請葡萄牙藝術家菲利普.科爾特斯(Filipe Cortez)共同參與,菲利普.科爾特斯的作品媒材多元,包含表演、油畫、雕塑與裝置,經常以現地製作的方式檢視記憶、時間和城市消逝的風景。透過工作室交換,郭奕臣與菲利普.科爾特斯將在台北(臺灣)、波多(葡萄牙)兩地城市進行生活和創作,並以藝術家工作室為據點,進行城市的文化交流及串聯。

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Grantee: Kuo I-Chen

Exhibition / Taiwan


十二月 22, 2017 - 二月 25, 2018

STUPIN 是以個人為單位的藝術家工作室駐村平台,成立契機源自於郭奕臣 2012年第一次在紐約駐村,在過程中他體驗到不同文化與創作風格,頻繁地與國際藝文工作者互動,為日後的創作生涯帶來實質的交流和展出的機會,但也因為藝術家駐村時周遊各國,原有的工作室閒置而所成金錢及空間的浪費,而開始有了將「空間」與「人脈」有效整合並分享的想法,透過 STUPIN 中的「Studio 空間交換」與「Pin 駐地文化導遊」服務,串聯資源並解決問題,試圖透過 STUPIN去解決並活絡駐村環境。 

此次展出作品為「STUPIN-共享工作室計畫」,對應大部分因預算考量而將工作室租用在城市邊陲的藝術創作者現況,將位在市中心的台北國際藝術村百里廳展覽空間轉化為工作室,公開徵選藝術家免費進駐使用,試圖反轉邊陲與中心的城市結構。而徵件入選的創作類型包含繪畫、裝置、攝影、聲音、表演、劇場編劇、服裝設計等多元領域,將原有單一的展覽空間改造成複合性的共享空間(Co-working Space)。 

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Grantee: Kuo I-Chen

Kuo I-Chen Solo Exhibition

十二月 22, 2017 - 二月 25, 2018

STUPIN is founded by artist Kuo I-Chen in 2017. It is an artist studio residency platform where different fields of artists can share and link their studios and connection. Through two main functions-STUDIO and PIN, we expect to build a global studio residency network. STUPIN represents an attitude to explore the unknown without constraining by forms.

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2050: A Brief History of the Future

三月 24, 2018 - 六月 3, 2018

What would our world look like 32 years from now? Over fifty international and Taiwanese artists will seek to uncover the future through art at this first joint venture by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

"2050: A Brief History of the Future," which was presented at the Louvre in 2016, will run in Taichung from March 24 through June 3 to elaborate on the concepts first proposed by French economist Jacques Attali in the 2006 bestseller "A Brief History of the Future."

Attali speculates on human and technological development in face of troubling population growth, overexploitation of resources, social inequality, and religious wars. Curator Pierre-Yves Desaive has expanded upon this framework to mount an exhibition with a Taiwanese perspective.

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